Patterns, Functions & Algebra

18 terms by Matthew_Spears

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Patterns, Functions & Algebra vocabulary terms for MSM 1 and MSM 2.


A statement that two expressions are equal.


A collection of numbers, variables, operations, and grouping symbols.


A symbol, usually a letter, used to represent one or more numbers.


The numerical factor of an algebraic term.


A term that has no variable factors.


Part of an expression that is separated by addition or subtraction.


Less than, greater than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to

Like Terms

Terms with the same variables, raised to the same power.


The operation of combining by means of a total.


The operation of "taking away" or "finding a difference"


The operation of "times" or "finding the product"


The operation of "finding the quotient"


Any set of ordered pairs


A rule that establishes a relationship between two quantities called the input and output.


All of the input values of a function.


All of the output values of a function.

Independant Variable

The input value

Dependant Variable

The output value

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