Exam 7

Our _____ receptor design is the _____ design and is _____ the most used in our sensory system.
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This week, the red blood cell travels past a pair of neurons. While passing them, the RBC notices that the postganglionic neuron's axon is longer than the preganglionic neuron's axon. Therefore, the RBS correctly stated that this neuron pair is a part of the _____ nervous system within the _____ nervous system.
Which is a correct statement about a toxin that causes a decrease in the coding of intensity?-It could cause a decrease in action potential frequency -It could decrease the amount of time that the voltage-gated calcium channels are open in the axon terminalWhich is a correct statement about the autonomic nervous system?-When activated, acetylcholine is sometimes released by its postganglionic neurons -Its ganglia are clusters of cell bodies located in the peripheral nervous system areaDr. Yul B Allwright was drinking a cup of hot coffee and accidentally spilled it on his leg causing a painful burn. While cleaning himself up, Dr. A correctly realized that...-Thermoreceptors were not responsible for the sensation of the burn -The burn sensation is associated with the top half of our reflex templateA pheochromocytoma is a tumor that causes the adrenal gland to secrete too may endocrines. You correctly determine that an individual with this type of tumor will have...-Increased plasma levels of certain biogenic amines -Both pupil and bronchiole dilationDr. Scarlet's Patient X suffered a head injury in a car accident. Patient X is having trouble walking in a coordinated manner and difficulty forming complete sentences. Dr. Scarlet correctly realizes that...-There is likely damage to the cerebellum and the cerebrum -A component of the forebrain was impacted