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the police have the greatest amount of discretion in citizen-initiated law enforcement situations
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managers and supervisors should never make snap decisionstruedecisions made at the first-line level are typically classified as operational decisionstruebrainstorming is not an effective method of idea gatheringfalseeffective problem solving and decision making may rely on both creativity and logictruemany decisions can be effectively made and many problems effectively solved through a twelve-step processfalseright-brain thinking is primarily emotionalfalsedecisions made at the middle-management level are typically classified as strategic decisionsfalsecreativity is often synonymous with innovationtruethe modified Delphi technique makes the Delphi technique more open-endedfalsedecisions made at the executive level are typically classified as administrative decisionsfalseVictor and Cullen determined that there can be differences in ethical climates within an organizationtrueaccording to Kohlberg, all people progress through each stage of moral development until they reach the highest stagefalsewhich of the following statements about developmental theories is false?Kohlberg moral stages of development consists of two stages of moral reasoning with three stages in each levelaccording to the text, training classes in ethics have more influence over the behavior of employees than the behavior of administers and supervisorsfalseKohlberg's possible seventh stage of moral development centers on the concept of agapetrueJonathan Haidt compares the relationship between emotions and rationality to:an elephant and a riderwhat does Paul Zak call the "moral molecule"?oxytocinif an agent in Joe's office reports Joe's actions, that agent would be referred to as:a whistleblowerwhat brain processes might be influenced by stress and cause workers to act immorally?rationalitywhat is not one of Kohlberg's moral stages?super-conventional levelpolice departments are best understood as closed systems that are largely unaffected by the world around themfalsethe most general statement of an organization's purpose is called its strategyfalsea system that does not make provision for feedback is a(n):open-loop systemthe organizational value of ___ requires that actions be guided by principles of fairness and the decisions in one circumstance be reasonable in comparison to othersequitya closed-loop system is most likely to function properly, because it gets feedback about how well it is performingtrue