what did Edward Bradford Titchener do?
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who found out that 40% of associations traced to events in childhood and adolescence?Francis Galtonwho believed the Validity of religious beliefs, Power of prayer, Hoped to provide a new set of beliefs structured in terms of scienceFrancis GaltonAdolph Queteletwas the first to use statistical methods and the normal curve of distribution with biological and social data.who used the Developed "mental ladder" and the anecdotal method?George Romanesthe Law of parsimony Wanted to make comparative psychology more scientificLloyd Morganin social Darwinism he argued that the development of ALL aspects of the universe are evolutionary, including human character and social institutions, in accordance with the principle of "survival of the fittest".Herbert SpencerAnimal Psychologyhuman emotion behavior expresses inherited behavior that was once useful to animals but is no longer relevant for humans.Work was flawed because of the anecdotal methodGeorge RomanesMake comparative psychology more scientific.Lloyd Morganuniverse operates in accord with principle of survival of the fittestHerbert spencerHabit- Repetitive or habitual actions become easier to perform and require less conscious attention and become involuntary and nonconscious.William JamesHe accepted both introspection and experimentationWilliam James"Stream of Consciousness" indicates that the changing nature of conscious to prevents its analyzes into mental elementsWilliam JamesPragmatism the doctrine that the validity of ideas is measured by their practical consequences.William JamesMaterial social and spiritual is the three piece self according to who?William JamesThe function of consciousness is to guide us to those ends required for survival; without it, human evolution could not have occurred.The Principles of PsychologyThe goal of psychology is to study living people as they adapt to their environment.The Principles of PsychologyJames reversed the order. He stated that the arousal of the physical response precedes the appearance of the emotion. Psychological arousal precedes the experience emotionTheory of EmotionVariability hypothesisBased on Darwin's finding that males showed a wider range of development of physical characteristics and abilities than femalesYou unique aspect of Wooley's work was the attribute of gender difference to social and environmental factorsHelen Bradford Thompson WooleyHer data refuted the "myth" as Woolley's on gender differenceLeta Stetter Hollingworthpsychology had to be the study of the total organism as it functions in its environmentJohn DeweyFunctionalism tries to answer why mental processes exist and how they aid survival.James Rowland Angel