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Our Pledge test

1. What is the name of the fraternity that later formed Beta Theta Pi at Oklahoma State?

Delta Sigma.

2. What fraternities make up the Miami Triad?

Beta Theta PI, Sigma Chi, and Phi Delta Theta

3. What four men successfully petitioned for the charter the second time?

Angus Woodford, Bill Finney, Clay Woodson, and Walter Weaver

4. When did Gamma Lambda first receive its charter (when was Gamma Lambda founded)?

January 6th, 1923

5. Sigma Beta Chi eventually became known as what current Oklahoma State Fraternity?

Sigma Chi

6. According to the bylaws of the fraternity in the early days, what officially happened whenever a member was questioned about their membership in a fraternity?

According to the bylaws, the fraternity was officially disbanded for that period of time, to be reorganized after the questioning was over.

7. Who were the first four men to be initiated into the Gamma Lambda chaper of Beta Theta Pi?

Getner Drummond, Bill Finney, John Mason, and Walter Weaver.

8. What fraternity threatened the presence of the Gamma Lambda Chapter of Beta Theta Pi? Write the full name, not just the letters.

Theta Nu Epsilon

9. What was the first student organized group, other than Beta Theta Pi, that resisted the actions of the opposing fraternity?

The Student Party

10. Why was Beta Theta Pi expelled from the Men's Panhellenic Council in 1933?

They were ordered to disassociate from the Student Party or face dismissal from the university. Beta refused and was expelled from the list of accepted fraternities at OSU.

11. What person resigned from his position and confessed involvement with the opposing fraternity, exposing their corrupt practices and denouncing their behavior on campus? What was his position which he resigned from?

John Oliver, the editor of the school newspaper.

12. Why did the above person resign from his position and from the opposing fraternity?

He was ordered to fire a member of his staff who belonged to Beta Theta Pi.

13. What year did Beta Theta Pi finally return to campus as an official fraternity and member of the Men's Panhellenic Council (later known as IFC)?


14. What are the 9 goals?

Cultivation of the Intellect
Leadership Development and Self Governance
Commitment to Community
Member Education
Responsible personal conduct
Chapter advisor
Member Recruitment
Lifelong Fraternal Brotherhood

How to remember the 9 goals

Conner- Needs to cultivate intellect.
Likes- You should like Leadership devel. + self gove.
Cock- Givin your cock to community is commitment
Matt (O'neils)-Is in member recruitment
Remain- you should remain responsible in conduct
Cool- hopefully you have a cool chapter advisor
Mitch (Narney)- Was a recruitment of members
Cannot- We cannot communicate
Lie- Lifelong fraternal brotherhood is a lie (JK)

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