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This is over major explorers, the cash trading items, causes, and effects of the voyages to the New world, etc...

Christopher Columbus

set sail to spain, wanted to reach east but ran into an unknown place which was called the New World and later on called the Americas by a man named Amerigo Vespucci.

The discovery of the Americas expanded the horizons of Europe 2 ways

intellectually and geographically

first voyagers to discover new places


second voyagers to discover new places


What was the start of the portuguese voyages?

Prince Henry taking over the city of CEUTA from the muslims

Top spices (2 of them)

pepper and clover

Bartholomew Dias

pioneered around the cape of good hope, tip of Africa

Vasco Da Gama

came after Dias, stood on the shores of India

portuguese made 2 states in India, they were called


Most explorations took place on the_____ocean


Amerigo Vespucci

naming of America came from this man


first to circumnavigate the globe

Consequences of Columbus's voyage

- found vast spanish empire
- new species and fruits
- diseases
- huge impact on Roman Catholocism

Hernan cortes

landed in mexico, communicated with Moctzuma (aztec empire). wanted gold and forced him and seized him for it. made new capital in Spain called TENOCHTITLAN


killed ruler of peru, took over

3 Latin American Components of WORK

mining, agriculture, and shipping

Conquistadors in english means...


Conquistadors worked in the___________


Major rural area was called the ____________


How as Magellan killed?

by Phillipinos in the carribean

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