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algor mortis

The cooling of the body after death

cause of death

The immediate reason for a person's death (such as heart attack, kidney failure)


the process of rotting and breaking down


One of the three larval stages of insect development

livor mortis

The pooling of the blood in tissues after death resulting in a reddish color to the skin

mechanism of death

The specific body failure that leads to death

rigor mortis

stiffening of the skeletal muscles after death


The spontaneous breakdown of cells as they self-digest


the cessation, or end, of life

forensic entomology

The study of insects as they pertain to legal issues

manner of death

one of four means by which someone dies (i.e., natural, accidental, suicidal, or homicidal)


the stage of an insect's life cycle when the larva forms a capsule around itself and changes into its adult form

mitochondrial DNA

DNA only found in the mitochondria that is inherited only through mothers

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