Mg 302 exam 2 discussion questions

Define outsourcing and the three common market entry strategies: exporting, licensing, and direct investing.
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outsourcing: Engaging in the international division of labor so as to obtain the cheapest sources of labor and supplies regardless of country; also called offshoring. exporting: supplies come from within ones nation. Licensing: one country makes certain resources available to companies in another. direct investing: managing its production facilities in a foreign country
creativity: the generation of novel ideas that may meet perceived needs or respond to opportunities for the organization.
bottom-up approach: using an American Idol-style contest to encourage employee ideas for new services at the giant accounting and consulting firms.
idea incubator: an organizational program that provides a safe harbor where employees can generate and develop ideas without interference from company bureaucracy or politics.
idea champion: a person who sees the need for change and is passionately committed to making it happen.
new venture team: a unit senate from the mainstream organization that is responsible for initiating and developing innovations
popular contemporary team approaches to departmentalization include team and virtual network structures. It creates an easy environment for cross functional teams. structure in which the entire organization is made up of horizontal teams that coordinate their activities and work directly with customers to accomplish organizational goals.
The matrix structure uses functional and divisional chains of command simultaneously. The matrix approach to structure provides a formal chain of command for both the functional and divisional relationships. Global corporations often use the matrix structure. The problem for global companies is to achieve simultaneous coordination of various products within each country or region and for each product line. The two lines of authority in the matrix provides excellent simultaneous coordination.