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  1. nucleoid
  2. nuclear envelope
  3. microtubules
  4. ribosomes
  5. cytoskeleton
  1. a biggest of cytoskeleton, maintenance of cell shape, cell motility, chromosome movement in cell division, organelle movements
  2. b reinforces cell's shape, functions in cell movement, components are made of protein
  3. c complexes that make proteins, free in cytosol or bound to rough ER or nuclear envelope
  4. d region where the cell's DNA is located(not enclosed by a membrane)
  5. e double membrane enclosing the nucleus, perforated by pores, continuous with ER

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  1. region where the cell's microtubules are initiated, contains a pair of centrioles
  2. jellylike outer coating of many prokaryotes
  3. locomotion organelles present in some animal cells, composed of a cluster of microtubules within an extension of the plasma membrane
  4. netlike array of protein filaments that maintains the shape of the nucleus by mechanically supporting the nuclear envelope
  5. make proteins according to instructions from the genes

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  1. chromosomescarry genes in form of DNA


  2. lysosomesemifluid, jellylike substance that is enclosed by the membrane in which organelles and other components are found


  3. intermediate filamentsmaintainence of cell shape(tension bearing), changes in cell shape, muscle contraction, cytoplasmic streaming, cell motility, cell division


  4. mitochondrionorganelle where cellular respiration occurs and most ATP is generated


  5. nucleolusa structure involved in production of ribosomes, a nucleus has one or more nucleoli


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