Mechanical and Electrical Midterm

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HVAC and plumbing systems can equal approximately what percent of the conduction costs, depending on the building type and A/C system?
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In order to calculate flow pressure for water lines, the following formula is used:Flow Pressure: Available pressure - ( Friction pressure loss + Head pressure loss)Sizing water supply piping is based on which of the following? A- WSFU B- Type and length of pipe C- Size of utility lines D- Height of building E- Meter sizeB- Type and length of pioe D- Height of buildingWhich of the following potable water filters is the most effective in removing impurities? A Point of use B Carbon C Reverse osmosis D Ionized electronicC- Reverse osmosisWhich of the following are types of plumbing lines testing? A- Air B- Water C- Gas D- Smoke E- UltrasonicA- Air B- WaterComfortable conditions are obtained in buildings when what elements are controlled and balanced?Temperature, Humidity, Circulation, Filtration, and Ventilation.Cooling systems are measured in tons of air conditioning. One ton of ice can be melted by ________ BTU's in ________ hours12,000 and 24List four sources of indoor air pollutionA- Gases B- Particles C- Asbestos D- Tobacco SmokePsychometrics is a branch that describes the properties of air and the relationships between _____,_____,_____ and _______Temperature, Humidity, Enthalpy, VolumeA psychometric chart can identify the following properties of air if two of them are known. Choose that apply. A- Dry-bulb temperature B- Relative humidity C- Temperature Ratio D- Wet-bulb temperature E- Specific weight F- Enthalpy G- Flash point temperatureA- Dry-bulb temperature B- Relative humidity D- Wet-bulb temperature F- EnthalpyWhat are the three types of heating system?A- Hydronic B- Steam C- Forced AirWhich of the following are components of the air distribution system? ( Choose all that apply) A- Branch ductwork B- Coil C- Registers D- PlenumA- Branch ductwork C- Registers D- PlenumFor on-demand heating or cooling, which type of hydronic system is required? A- 2 pipe systems B- 3-pipe system C- 4-pipe system D- 2-pipe reverse-return system E 4-pipe reverse return systemC- 4-pipe systemIn a commercial building, steam is used to heat water in a ____ _____ then the hot water is circulated.Heat exchangerThe two main types of refrigeration processes are ______,______,_______.Mechanical, Compression, and Absorption.List four components of a refrigerator system.A- Compressor B- Refrigerant C- Condesnor D- EvaporatorThe following are types of chillers, except ______ ________ A Centrifugal B Heat Rejection C Forced Draft D Induced Draft E Lateral DraftB- Heat RejectionWhich of the following are types of cooling towers? A Hyperbolic B Down Draft C Forced Draft D Induced Draft E Lateral DraftA- Hyperbolic C- Forced Draft D- Induced DraftHeat transfer occurs in the ______ and heat rejection occurs in the ______.Evaporator and CondensorA/C systems may have different physical arrangements depending on the building size and configuration such as ______ and _______.Split systems and Package Units._______ ______ _______ are used when calculating heat gain through walls and ceilings.Equivalent temperature differencesBuilding automation provides which of the following benefits? A- Individual control B- Improved Control C- Energy regulation D- Energy efficiency E ConnivenceB- Improved Control D- Energy efficiency E- ConvenienceList the three control devices for a HVAC systemA- Actuators B- Controllers C- SensorsHeating and cooling leads are found using variables and factors. Which of the following is not a numerical factor representing heat produced or transferred? A Conduction B Infiltration C Ventilation D Cooling loads E People F LightsA- Conduction"MERV" rating for filters stands for _______ ______ ______ ______Minimum Efficiency Reporting ValveList three safety controls for heating systems.1. Flame cods 2. Stock switches. 3. Pilot Safety Controls.