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driving task

all the skilled actions a person must take to drive safely


to judge where possible points of conflict may develop


a popular passenger vehicle larger than a car


as a driver you have (blank) responsibility for any damage or injuries you cause

highway transportation system

a complex system involving people, machines, and roadways


as a driver you will use the steering (blank) to help execute your decisions

roadway users

people who use the HTS for walking, driving, or riding


to maneuver a vehicle to avoid possible conflicts


the organized visual thinking doing which helps you drive is the (blank) process


another word for a collision


protecting yourself and others from dangerous and unexpected driving situations is called (blank) driving


to locate potential hazards in the ongoing driving scene


a red traffic lights message


a vehicle that is often used to deliver packages

driver error

the main cause of most collisions


occurs when a vehicle hits another object

vehicle code

made up of driving laws passed by federal and state legislatures


a green traffic lights message


all drivers are responsible for using (blank) efficient driving habits


to determine when, where, and how to take actions to avoid conflicts


a large passenger vehicle-you might ide one to school

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