Chapter 12 Test Review

Today, Texas does not stretch as far North and as far West as it did in 1836
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Delay recognition of TexasWhat Henry Morfit's report to President Jackson recommended?Impose land title fees, placed a tariff on various goods imported into Texas, and imposed property and business taxesthree steps congress took to provide revenue for the Republic of TexasRevenge for the deaths at the Council House FightReason why the Comanches, led by Buffalo Hump attacked Anglo settlersthe constitution forbade itReason why Houston could not run for a second consecutive term after his first PresidencyHeat, lack of food and water, and attacks from Native AmericansHardships encountered by the Santa Fe ExpeditionMatilda LockhartCaptive whose appearance started the Council House Fightangelina EberlyAustin resident who started the Archives WarSam HoustonFirst elected president of the Republic of TexasMirabeau B. LamarPerson known as the "Father of Texas Education"Stephen F. AustinPerson known as "The Father of Texas"