According to Erikson, the major personality attainment of adolescence is __________
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Which statement about Lawrence Kohlberg's well-known "Heinz dilemma" is true?It is the way an individual reasons about the dilemma that determines moral maturity.Kohlberg's original research and other longitudinal studies confirm that with few exceptions, individuals __________.move through his first four stages in the predicted orderCompared with nonaffiliated youths, teenagers who remain part of a religious community are __________.advantaged in moral values and behaviorHarry's parents stress compassion for the less fortunate and engage in community service. Which statement is Harry most likely to make?"I think the unemployment rate is caused by the state of the economy."An improved ability to reason about social relationships leads teenagers to __________.view their parents as "just people"__________ rises over the adolescent years.Self-disclosure between friendsin a study in which ethnically diverse boys from low-income families were asked to describe their friendships, __________ boys were more likely than others to resist conforming to gender stereotypes.hispanic__________ is the preferred means of electronic interaction between teenage friends.TextingWhich statement about cell phones and the Internet is true?Girls call their friends more often than boys.Which statement about adolescent friendships is trueClose friendships provide a foundation for future intimate relationships.Twelve-year-old Iola spends most of her time with a group of six girls who are friends and have similar family backgrounds, attitudes, interests, and values. This group is Isabel's __________.cliqueMembership in a crowd is based on __________reputation and stereotypeWhich statement about gender differences in adolescent depression is true?Girls with either an androgynous or a "masculine" gender identity show low rates of depressive symptoms.The number of boys who __________ exceeds the number of girls by a ratio of over 4 to 1.kill themselfWhich factor contributes to the sharp rise in suicide from childhood to adolescence?belief in the personal fable