Terminology "B-C" Dental Materials

What is a layer of cement that acts as a barrier against chemical and thermal irritation to the pulp?
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What is a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction?catalystWhat is decay involving two surfaces of the tooth?compound cavityWhat is decay involving more than two surfaces of the tooth?complex cavityWhat is decay involving one tooth surface?simple cavityWhat is the wall of a cavity preparation named for its corresponding tooth surface called?cavosurfaceWhat is to bond or unite two or more items; or to lute?cementWhat is the tapered margin at the tooth's cervical area in preparation for the placement of a crown?chamferWhat is a chemical used to soften the dentinal walls such as used during root canal therapy?chelatorWhat is an extension of a partial denture used to grasp the adjoining teeth?claspWhat is a suspension of fine particles in a liquid?colloidWhat is a resin material used for tooth colored fillings?compositeWhat is a force directed down onto an object causing it to be squeezed?compressive stressWhat is a measure of wetting; it is the angle of the adhesive liquid with a surface; a low/small angle signifies a good wetting agent?contact angleWhat is a thin metal covering or cap over a prepared tooth?copingWhat is use of material to enlarge the tooth area to provide enough support for a crown?core build-upWhat is the hardening of a material?curing process