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  1. -create and implement you action plan
    1. make sure you action plan will achieve your goals
  2. 1.S
    2. G
    3. I
    4. E
    5. A
    6. R
  3. 1. consumer prices
    2. consumer spending
    3. interest reast
  4. 1. short,intermediate, and long; s and i must coordinate with l
  5. -review and revise you plan;
    1. make to sure asses regularly at least once a year

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  1. What is step 2 of the financial planning process?-develop financial goals
    1. i.d. feelings about money and reasons for those feelings
    2. determine the effect of the economy on your goals and priorities
    3. make sure your goals are you own and specific to your situation


  2. What are SMART goals?S Specific
    M Measurable
    A Attainable
    R Realistic
    T Time-bound


  3. What is step 1 of the financial planning process?-determine current financial situation regarding
    1. income savings, living expenses, and debts
    2. prepare list of current assets and debt balances
    3. match financial goals to current income and planning potential


  4. What are some global influences?S Specific
    M Measurable
    A Attainable
    R Realistic
    T Time-bound