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  1. -determine current financial situation regarding
    1. income savings, living expenses, and debts
    2. prepare list of current assets and debt balances
    3. match financial goals to current income and planning potential
  2. 1.S
    2. G
    3. I
    4. E
    5. A
    6. R
  3. -review and revise you plan;
    1. make to sure asses regularly at least once a year
  4. -create and implement you action plan
    1. make sure you action plan will achieve your goals
  5. - identify alternative course of action
    1. consider possible courses of action
    2. creativity is vital success
    3. doing nothing is dangerous

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  1. What are some economic factors that can affect you financial planning process?1. consumer prices
    2. consumer spending
    3. interest reast


  2. What is step 4 of the financial planning process?-evaluate your alternatives
    1. know that your choice will always have consequences: opportunity cost and trade off
    2. there is always uncertainty in all choice; make sure to gather info from the correct source


  3. What are some global influences?S Specific
    M Measurable
    A Attainable
    R Realistic
    T Time-bound


  4. What are SMART goals?S Specific
    M Measurable
    A Attainable
    R Realistic
    T Time-bound