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  1. - identify alternative course of action
    1. consider possible courses of action
    2. creativity is vital success
    3. doing nothing is dangerous
  2. S Specific
    M Measurable
    A Attainable
    R Realistic
    T Time-bound
  3. -create and implement you action plan
    1. make sure you action plan will achieve your goals
  4. -the global market place
    -competition among domestic and foreign firms
    -balance of exports and imports
    -foreign investments and their role in money supply
    -level of money supply and its effects on interest
  5. 1. consumer product goals (used up relatively quick)?
    2. durable produce goals (infrequently used)
    3. intangible goals ( health, edu, personal liesure)

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  1. What are the 6 steps to the financial planning process?-develop financial goals
    1. i.d. feelings about money and reasons for those feelings
    2. determine the effect of the economy on your goals and priorities
    3. make sure your goals are you own and specific to your situation


  2. Your financial goals can be influence by what 2 things?1. the time frame in which you want to achieve you goals
    2. the financial need that drives you goals


  3. What are the types of time goals?S Specific
    M Measurable
    A Attainable
    R Realistic
    T Time-bound


  4. What are some economic condition to consider in financial planning?-forces of supply and demand and prices
    -study of how wealth is created and distributed
    -different institutions in the economy
    -federal reserve bank