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Jeg jobbet i Norge i tre år.

I worked in Norway for three years.

Jeg leste i seks timer.

I read for six hours.

Vi reiste i fire måneder.

We traveled for four months.

Jeg begynte på universitetet for to år siden.

I began at the university two years ago.

Jeg snakket med ham for fem dager siden.

I talked to him five days ago.

Jeg sluttet i jobben for to uker siden.

I quit the job two weeks ago.

Jeg skal spise lunsj om 10 minutter.

I am going to eat lunch in 10 minutes.

Jeg skal reise til Norge om fem måneder.

I am going to travel to Norway in five months.

Filmen begynner om tre timer.

The movie begins in three hours.

Jeg jobber på tirsdag.

I work on Tuesday.

Vi skal gå på fest på lørdag.

We are going to go to a party on Saturday.

Jeg har en prøve på onsdag.

I have a test on Wednesday.

Høstsemesteret begynner i september.

The fall semester begins in September.

Bestefaren min ble født i 1920.

My grandfather was born in 1920.

Vi dro hjem i mars.

We went home in March.

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