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  1. Jeg liker å arbeide med mennesker.
  2. Jeg har ikke noe frihet i denne jobben.
  3. Jeg har ikke fast jobb.
  4. Jeg har mye ansvar i denne jobben.
  5. Det kan bli lange dager.
  1. a I like to work with people.
  2. b I don't have any freedom in this job.
  3. c I have a lot of responsibility in this job.
  4. d It can be long days.
  5. e I don't have a steady job.

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  1. I come in contact with different people.
  2. There isn't a good environment.
  3. I have a temporary position.
  4. I don't have nice colleagues.
  5. I am dissatisfied with the salary.

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  1. Jeg har mye frihet i denne jobben.I have a lot of freedom in this job.


  2. Jeg liker ikke å arbeide med mennesker.I like to work with people.


  3. Jeg ser de samme menneskene hver dag.I like to work with people.


  4. Jeg er fornøyd med lønna.I am dissatisfied with the salary.


  5. Jeg tjener dårlig.I earn a lot.