Mental Health Theory -- Anxiety/OCD

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Narcissism causes clients to seek admiration from others.
Fear of rejection might cause a client to avoid social situations and might be associated with social phobia anxiety disorders.
Clients who have OCD demonstrate repetitive behavior in an attempt to suppress persistent thoughts or urges that cause anxiety.
Clients who have OCD might take an antidepressant to help control repetitive behaviors.
A nurse observes a client who has OCD repeatedly applying, removing, and then reapplying makeup. The nurse identifies that repetitive behavior in a client who has OCD is due to which of the following underlying reasons?
a. narcissistic behavior
b. fear of rejection from staff
c. attempt to reduce anxiety
d. adverse effect of antidepressant medication
A nurse is planning care for a client who has body dysmorphic disorder. Which of the following actions should the nurse plan to take first?
a. assess the client's risk for self-harm
b. instill hope for positive outcomes
c. encourage the client to participate in group therapy sessions
d. assist the client to participate in treatment decisions
A nurse is caring for a client who has generalized anxiety disorder and is experiencing severe anxiety. Which of the following statements should the nurse make first?
a. "Tell me about how you are feeling right now."
b. "You should focus on the positive things in your life to decrease your anxiety."
c. "Why do you believe you are experiencing this anxiety?"
d. "Let's discuss the medications your provider is prescribing to decrease your anxiety."
D Buspirone, rather than alprazolam, requires 3-6 weeks to achieve therapeutic benefit. Combining alcohol with alprazolom can produce CNS and respiratory depression rather than a paradoxical response. Alprazolam is preferably used for short-term treatment because of the increased risk for dependence. Confusion is a potential indication of alprazolam toxicity that the client should report to the provider.A nurse is teaching a client who has a new prescription for alprazolam for generalized anxiety disorder. Which of the following information should the nurse provide? a. 3-6 weeks of treatment is required to achieve therapeutic benefit b. combining alcohol with alprazolam will produce a paradoxical response c. alprazolam has a lower risk for dependence than other antianxiety medications d. report confusion as a potential indication of toxicityBA nurse working in an ED is caring for a client who has benzodiazepine toxicity. Which of the following actions is the nurse's toxicity? a. administer flumazenil b. identify the client's level of orientation c. infuse IV fluids d. prepare the client for gastric lavageC The client should take fluoxetine in the morning to minimize sleep disturbances. The client is at risk for hyponatremia while taking this medication. When discontinuing this medication, the client should taper the medication slowly according to a prescribed tapered dosing schedule to reduce the risk of withdrawal syndrome. The client is at risk for weight gain.A nurse is caring for a client who is to begin taking fluoxetine for treatment of panic disorder. Which of the following statements indicates the client understands the use of this medication? a. "I will take this medication at bedtime." b. "I will follow a low-sodium diet while taking this medication." c. "I will need to discontinue this medication slowly." d. "I will be at risk for weight loss with long-term use of this medication."B, D, E Fever, rather than hypothermia, is an indication of SS. Muscle tremors are also an indication.A nurse is assessing a client 4 hr after receiving an initial dose of fluoxetine. Which of the following findings should the nurse report to the provider as indications of serotonin syndrome? Select all that apply. a. hypothermia b. hallucinations c. muscular flaccidity d. diaphoresis e. agitation