WHP Chapter 4

________ is combining individual health strategies into a single multidimensional program.
Disease programming
Integrated programming
Health comprehensive programming
Global medicine management
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Which of the following is not a reason why many employers provide physical fitness programs?
-Growing awareness that millions of working baby boomers expect them to provide physical activity opportunities at work
-Reduced publicity on the profound financial effect of physical inactivity on their health care and productivity costs
-Growing evidence showing that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease
-Increasing evidence of a direct relationship between physical activity and on-the-job productivity
Which of the following is not one of the three major components that is included in most successful lower-back health programs?
-Intervention and treatment for injured employees
-Injury prevention and health promotion
-On-site doctors appointments for injured employees
-Rehabilitation and a return-to-work protocol
Which of the following is not a potential benefit to employers who establish smoking control policies?
Increased costs of workers' compensation
Less property and equipment damage and lower maintenance costs
Fewer accidents and reduced fire risk
Lower premium costs for health, life, and fire insurance
An integrated system of programs, policies, incentives, activities, and health care services provided to improve the health status, on-the-job productivity, and overall well-being of all employees.comprehensive (global) health managementA system of coordinated health information, health promotion, and health care interventions and communications for populations with chronic health conditions.disease management