This is a dramatic demonstration of auditory-visual blending.
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Research on the music perception of infants has demonstrated that, with experience, humansbecome less sensitive to differences in musical stimuliThe result that infants of depressed mothers tend to smile less than do other infants is thought to be caused, at least in part, byoperant conditioningThe sharpness of visual discrimination is calledvisual acuityIndividual differences in motor maturity at _____ months of age predicts children's academic achievement at the age of 14 years.5he vast majority of North American infants can sit without support by _____ months of age.7The combining of information from two or more sensory systems is referred to as _____ perception.intermodalParents who are concerned about the habituation effect of their children watching violent acts on television are worried that their children willcease to be shocked by violenceWhen an infant looks longer at one of two stimuli presented side by side, researchers can infer that the infantcan discriminate between the stimuli and prefers that stimuliAn infant plays with a toy block in the dark, so he cannot see it. Later, he is shown a ball as well as the block. He realizes that it was the block, not the ball, that he played with in the dark through:intermodal perceptionInfants can detect changes in music that adults cannot make. This phenomenon is thought to demonstrateperceptual narrowingChildren's syntactic development refers to their learning of therules for combining the words in their languageAvi is 13 months old and has a large vocabulary for her age. The words she can say are referred to as herproductive vocabularyTheorists who have disputed Chomsky's view of language development by pointing out that the communicative function of language is key to understanding language development would be MOST interested inchildren's ability to use social context to interpret others' speechPreschoolers Cal and Jacob are playing with toy trucks. Jacob says, "My mommy took me to watch the construction at the end of the street. Cal responds, "This dump truck is yellow and black. I have one like this at my house." Then Jacob says, "They were digging up the road with a backhoe. They are putting a big pipe under the road." Cal then says, "I also have a green cement truck. It can turn. I got it for my birthday." This conversation is an example ofa collective monologueWhich statement about toddlers and word order is TRUE?children know about the correct order for word combinations before they put two words together themselveshich word is one of the first words spoken in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese?Daddy_____ is a way in which parents play a role in their children's grammatical development.filling in missing parts of incomplete utterancesWhen young children converse with other young children, their conversations can generally be described ascollective monologuesImagine that a young child is presented with a novel word, "encyclopedia," when her grandmother says, "Oh, look at the encyclopedia." In front of the child are two objects, a bright pink-covered book—"book" is a word the child already knows—and a green onion, an object the child has never seen before. The child is MOST likely to make the assumption that the novel word refers to theonionA _____ is a symbol.wordThe ability to understand what another person says is called languagecomprehensionThe fact that only humans acquire language in the normal course of development indicates that language isspecies-specificWhich ability is subject to perceptual narrowing?sound discriminationWhat is intersubjectivity?when two interacting partners share a mutual understandingWhich child is demonstrating overextension?mandi uses the word "cup" for any container that holds liquid, including vases and birdbathsWhich expression is an example of telegraphic speech?"Want mommy!"The distinctive mode of speech used when speaking to infants and toddlers is referred to asinfant-directed speechThe history of Nicaraguan Sign Language (NSL) and its status as a true language with its own grammar is evidence for the _____ view of language development.nativistTo use a map, children must be able to understand it asboth a piece of paper and representation of something realWhich type of word is generally the MOST prominent among the first words American English-speaking children learn?nounPretend play emerges at about the age of _____; sociodramatic play emerges at about the age of _____.18 months; 2.5 yearsWhich statement is NOT one of the counting principles proposed by Gelman and Gallistel?objects must be counted from left to rightJenny recently mastered the understanding of the connection between desires and actions. She is likely what age?12 monthsThe understanding that the number of objects in the set corresponds to the last number stated representscardinalityAmelia, a 5-year-old, is told a story about a girl named Brenda. Brenda is looking for her favorite doll. Although Brenda thinks the doll is under the bed, it really is in the kitchen cabinet. When Amelia is asked where Brenda will look for her doll, Amelia will MOST likely predict that Brenda will look in which location(s)?under the bedThe general level within a category hierarchy is called a _____ level.superordinateDevelopmental psychologists have settled on which description of children's understanding of living things?children are fascinated by living things, especially animalsWhich of these describes the purpose of concepts?serve all of these functionsMake-believe activities in which children create new symbolic relations, acting as if they were in a situation different from their actual one, is calledpretend playThe development of this spatial skill requires early visual experiences.face perceptionThe study that compared the spatial skills of aboriginal children growing up in the Australian desert with those of their White peers growing up in Australian cities demonstrated thatthe importance of spatial ability in aboriginal culture resulted in better memory for spatial location in aboriginal children regardless of contextA hypothesized brain mechanism devoted to understanding other human beings is referred to asa theory of mind moduleA form of pretense in which an object is used as something other than itself is known asobject substitutionThe mutual understanding that people share during communication is known asintersubjectivityWhen 7-year-old Jacob is asked why giraffes came to exist, he is MOST likely to use _____ in his explanation.a purposeWhich statement BEST characterizes the findings of cross-cultural research on children's understanding of false beliefs?the pattern of development is very consistent across culturesThe pattern of development is very consistent across cultures.stable orderOn the subject of growth, preschoolers believe thatliving things can only grow largerThe MOST basic sense of time istemporal orderLack of visual experience during _____ limits subsequent spatial development.early infancyThe fact that children can influence the behavior of other people demonstrate _____ effects on intelligence.evocativeThe multiple intelligences theory is supported by studies ofpatients with brain damage and prodigiesWhich of these is NOT a subtest of the WISC-V?naturalistic intelligenceSean is in kindergarten and has advanced reading skills for his age. During which stage of school is he likely to be a better reader than are his peers?elementary, middle, and high schoolMichael loves to play video games. While his parents limit his screen time due to concerns regarding video game use, Michael is likely to display all of these EXCEPT improvement in _____ as a result of playing video games.general intelligenceMandi scored high on measures of mathematical ability and also scored high on measures of reasoning ability. Her scores lend support for theview of a general intelligenceWhich word is a child MOST likely to use visually based retrieval to read?sheSternberg's theory of intelligence does NOT include _____ abilities.mental healthIQ calculation relies on the fact that intelligence scores fall into what type of distribution?normalHow do educational experiences have a positive effect on IQ scores?education increases specific cognitive skills measured on IQ testsWhich sequence lists Chall's stages of reading development in the CORRECT chronological order?phonemic awareness, phonological recording skills, fluency in reading simple material, acquiring information from print, coordinating multiple perspectivesThe WISC-V is MOST consistent with which notion of intelligence?the three-stratum theory of intelligenceWhich word is a child MOST likely to use phonological recoding to read?pencilTo facilitate children's physical growth, Project Head Start providesmedical and dental care and nutritious mealsWhich statement about the association between the intellectual quality of the family environment and children's IQ scores is NOT true?there is a confirmed causal relation between the intellectual quality of the family environment and IQ scoreA scientist is MOST likely to have a high level of _____ intelligence.Logical-mathematicalIQ score is NOT a strong predictor of success in the _____ domain.socialCrystallized intelligence refers tofactual knowledge about the worldAn IQ of 92.5 indicates that the individualis 1/2 a standard deviation below the mean for his age groupWhen asked what 3 + 2 equals, Hillary puts up three fingers of one hand and two fingers on the other hand and counts "1, 2, 3, 4, 5." Hillary has used which arithmetic strategy?counting from 1Eric has an IQ of 100 at age 5 and an IQ of 100 at age 22. What can be said about his intelligence in comparison to others his age?eric's comparative intelligence has remained stable