Chapter 4 Test: AP Government

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After a bill has been introduced in either the House or the Senate, it will be...
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Suppose a new bill has been introduced that would make changes to existing education policies and roll back the federal governments involvement in public education. Which committee should be established to work out the differences between the House version of the bill and the Senate version of the bill?
Suppose in the year 2018, the United States generated $21.5 trillion and spent $19.5 trillion. In that year, the United States would have...a budget surplusWhy are entitlement programs classified as mandatory spending and are locked into the federal budget year after year?Americans depend upon the receipt of such benefits, and as such, the programs cannot be cut.The Agriculture Committee in the House is a permanent committee that develops legislation regarding agriculture, food, and rural development. The Agriculture Committee is an example of which type of committee?Standing committeeIn addition to apportionment, which of the following processed impact congressional districts?GerrymanderingWhat congressional power was used in passing this resolution?legislative oversightSuppose the state of Idaho has just elected a Senator who has, so far, demonstrated that she is willing to go above and beyond to advocate for her constituents by proposing legislation that is supported by a majority of her constituents. Which type of role is this Senator playing?The delegate roleWhich measure has been proposed as a way to alleviate the shortfall in paying out Social Security benefits?Reducing the benefits paid to current recipients.In 1957, Senator Thurmond from South Carolina talked for more than 24 hours. This prevented a vote on the Civil Rights Act. Senator Thurmond used...a filibusterHow does the process of a bill becoming a law differ if it introduced in the House compared to if it is introduced in the Senate?If a bill is introduced in the House, it must be presented to the Rules committee before it can move to the floor for consideration.A criticism of the Senate is undemocratic because it gives small states disproportionate power.What is the main function of a select committee?To investigate specifics related to a scandal or to handle a crisis within the federal government.Which body of government has the authority to introduce bills?Congress.To force a bill out of committee, a member of the House can file a...discharge petition.Suppose you are part of the president's cabinet and advise him on setting the priorities for national spending. You are a member of the...Office of Management and Budget.For most of President Obama's administration, who was a Democrat, Congress was controlled by the Republicans. This is referred to as...divided government.As a result of Shaw v. Reno (1993), states can no longer...use race as the sole factor when creating a congressional district.The Supreme Court decision in Baker v. Carr...required congressional districts to have roughly the same number of constituents.What is national debt?The total amount of money owned by the federal government.For someone to be considered a candidate for the United States Senate, he or she must...I,II, and III only.Defense spending is considered...discretionary spending.The only House leadership position create by the Constitution is the...speaker of the house.The process of deciding on the number of representatives each state gets based on most recent census data is know as...apportionment.A Republican member of the H.O.R. who is responsible for the opposition strategy and coordinating party activity in a Democrat-controlled House would be known as the...House minority leaderA check by the legislative branch on the executive branch is the process of...impeachment.All of the following are part of the incumbency advantage EXCEPT...only the incumbent is automatically placed on the ballot.Suppose a senator has proposed a budget measure that would direct money to his district for the purpose of improving parks. This would be an example of...earmarks or pork barrel spending.