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A Separate Peace Trivia

The novel A Separate Peace trivia for my english exam

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Who is the author of A Separate Peace?
John Knowles
What is the setting of the novel?
New Hampshire in 1942, during World War II
What is the name of the school that Finny and Gene attend?
Devon School
What is the name of the club Finny and Gene founded?
The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session
What do you have to do to enter the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session?
You must jump off the tree into the river.
Which school master is in charge of Gene and Finny's dorm during the Summer Session? This man is not an overly-strict rule follower.
Mr. Prud'homme
Why is the name of the one game Finny hated and refused to play?
What game does Finny create while they are at school?
What did Finny tell Gene on the night they spent at the beach? Why was this unusual?
That Gene was his best friend. Boys were taught from an early age that to display emotion was unmanly, but that didn't matter to Finny. Rules and expectations rarely mattered to him.
When did Gene begin to think that Finny was not a good friend and was, in fact, trying to sabotage his academic success?
After their trip to the beach, when Gene failed his trigonometry test
Why does Finny fall out of the tree?
Gene, who thinks there's a rivalry between he and Finny, jounces the limb of the tree on an impulse, and Finny falls.
Why does Finny argue with Gene when Gene says he jounced the limb on purpose?
Finny is a very pure and nice person, and doesn't believe that Gene would do something like that.
What does Finny begin training Gene for when he returns to school?
The 1944 Olympics.
Why does Finny want to train Gene for the Olympics?
He wanted to compete himself. Since he can no longer compete, he wants Gene to do so in his place.
Which teacher confronts Finny about falling in the river?
Mr. Ludsbury
Who is given the nickname 'Yellow Peril?'
What is the reason Brinker thinks Gene tries to get rid of Finny?
So Gene can have his room to himself
What job does Gene take over to avoid playing sports?
He becomes assistant crew manager.
Which school master is in charge of Gene and Finny's dorm during the regular session? This man is a strict rule follower, and is not likely to be swayed by Finny's charms.
Mr. Ludsbury
Who is the first to enlist in the army, and why?
Leper. After seeing a propaganda video, he wants to join the skiing troops
Who came up with the idea for the Winter Carnival?
Finny, after they didn't have anything to do on Saturday afternoons
What does Finny believe about the war?
That there really isn't a war going on, but the government (the fat old men) is merely making it up so that this young generation wouldn't have any fun.
Does Finny truly believe there is no war?
No. He wanted to deny the existence of the war since he was unable to enlist, himself.
What was the 'Christmas Location' that Leper refers to in the telegram?
Leper's house
Why does Leper leave the war?
Because he starts to have hallucinations, and the army is about to discharge him for being insane.
Who breaks up the fight between Leper and Gene?
Leper's mom
Who testifies at the mock trial to prove that Gene is guilty of injuring Finny purposefully? What does he say?
Leper comes back from the war, and says that he saw Gene jounce the limb. He said that he saw the two boys on the tree limb, that they moved like the pistons in an engine (when one raises up, the other moves down), and then FInny fell.
Why didn't Gene cry at Finny's funeral?
Because Finny's funeral might as well be his own, and he couldn't cry in that case.
How does Finny die?
During a surgery to reset the leg he broke again, some bone marrow entered his bloodstream and stopped his heart.
What is the tone of the story?
Very melancholy and regretful, and sometimes nostalgic
Who is Gene's main academic rival?
Chet Douglass
At the beginning of the novel, Gene returns to Devon after how many years?
Fifteen years
What are the names of the two rivers at Devon, and what do they symbolize?
The Devon and the Naguamsett: one is clean and fast moving and pure, like Finny, while the other is sluggish and dirty, like Gene
Where and when does Gene finally enlist?
He enlists in the Navy at the end of the school year.
Who joins the Coast Guard at the end of the novel, even though his father wants him at the front lines?
Brinker Hadley
What part of the Devon School campus is given to war efforts?
The Far Common
A Separate Peace is told in which point of view?
First Person