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Which feature replaces the toolbar in Microsoft Office 2007 and later versions?

Application Features and Functions Application Window Elements

Formating marks, Default location , Auto Recover File Location

Which options may be configured in Microsoft Word? Choose all that apply

Application Features and Functions Manage Application Options

The application, Vendors site , Local Expert

Where can a user find help for an application? Choose all that apply.
Application Features and Functions Getting Application Help


Which type of document allows a user to use preset options for a specific type of document, such as a fax or blog post?

Common File Management Options Blank vs. Template

Microsoft Office word copeter checker

Which Microsoft Word tool may pop up when a user saves a document in an .rtf or other format?

Common File Management Options Saving Options


Which Ribbon tab in Word allows a user to arrange multiple open files?

Common File Management Options Working with Multiple Documents

Consistent Line and paragraph spaceing

Which formatting options may help a document become easier to read? Choose all that apply
Common File Management Options Document Design Guidelines

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