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Women make up what percent of judges in the U.S (approximately)
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Law in action approaches to solving the problem of delay can provide effective because: they focus on coordinating the activities of the key actors in the courthouseThe speedy trial act of 1974 (amended in 1979) allows how many days from indictment to trial70Case study: Lawyers often suffer from a negative public image, which is one reason the legal profession places considerable emphasis on legal ethics Ethics refers to the study and analysis of what constitutes good or bad conduct (Pollock2012). Legal ethics represents a specific type of ethics Legal ethics are an example of what type of ethics?Applied and professional ethicsCase study : Sixteen times Willie Barker's murder case was set for trial, and sixteen times it was continued At first the defense readily agreed, gambling that Barker's codefendant would be found not guilty. Thus, some of the continuances were caused by the six separate trials before the co defendant was finally convicted. Other continuances were granted because of the lines of the police investigator. It was not until five years after arrest that Barker was convicted of murder The problems in prosecuting and convicting Barker indicate what is often needed in interpreting the law?DiscretionThe clerk of court is responsible for maintaining order in the courtroom t or ffalseComplete freedom from civil liability is known asabsolute immunityLarge prosecutors offices generally employ what type of prosecution:HorizontalBecause prosecutors represent the government, they enjoy a great deal of protection from civil lawsuits:trueMost modern prosecutors in the United States hold a public office true or falsetrueUS Attorney General V Solicitor GeneralThe US attorney is appointed and served by the president. One U.S attorney is assigned to each judicial district. Their responsibilities are to intatite and defend civil cases in which the united states is a party, have a collection of certain debts owed to the federal government, and prosecute criminal cases brought by the federal government. On the other hand, the Solicitor General sometimes called the 10th justice is the third highest ranked official in the justice department. The Solicitor General represents the executive branch before supreme court argues all government cases before the court, most of there work involves coordinating with appeals by the federal government, and they have a high rate of success (chapter six)What is the title given to the states chief legal officer :attorney generalA state attorney general typically exercisers great authority over local criminal proceedings true or falsefalseEfforts have been made to improve police-prosecutor relationships with special programs. Which of the following statements regarding research on the effectiveness of such programs?: No research to date has systematically evaluated the effectiveness of these programsA defendants whose convictions is overturned on appeal (and later is not found guilty) cannot sue the prosecutor for malpracticetrueEthical issues facing prosecutors are very similar to those confronting defense attorneys true or falsefalseWhich of the following is billed as the worlds largest law firmsU.S department of justiceCase study : Case study: Prosecutors spend most of their time working directly with other members of the courtroom work group. Even when interviewing witnesses or conducting legal research, the prosecutor is anticipating the reactions of judges and defense attorneys. Thus, the activities of prosecutors can be understood only within the setting of the courtroom work group (Worden1990) Who is the most important member of the courtroom work group?PROSECUTORSCase study : Ethical issues facing prosecutors are very different from those confronting defense attorneys because prosecutors do not represent individual clients Prosecutors often define their jobs as representing victims of crime and the police, but these are not typically considered to fit under the attorney client relationship. Rather, the client of the prosecutor is the government, and for this reason prosecutors are given special responsibilities Prosecutors enjoy what kind of immunity from civil liability for everything they do with regard to the core prosecutorial functions of initiating criminal charges and pursuing criminal convictions as the government's advocate?Absolute immunityMost assistant district attorneys have worked in private practice for years before being hired by the prosecutors officefalseWhat is the title given of the head department of justice:The US attorney general.