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According to the authors of Organizational Behavior, a company's greatest asset is
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Research conducted in an actual organization isa field study.Research that is performed under very controlled conditions and can include observation, interviews, or experiments is calleda lab entity that can take on different values.the truth of a measurement.In analyzing the data, the researcher notes that as employee absences increase, scores on performance evaluations decrease. This suggeststhere is a correlation between employee absenteeism and employee performance.Research indicates that the most important determinant of ethical behavior in an organization ismanager commitment to ethical behavior.A shamrock organizationis comprised of one-third regular employees, one-third temporary employees, and one-third offshore employees.Which of the following statements regarding trends that represent challenges for organizational behavior is correct?Sustainable business practices present a challenge to reconciling accountability to shareholder wealth generation with attention to social responsibility.Hypotheses aretentative guesses for expected observations that can be tested.Which of the following is accurate according to OB research?People perform better if goals are difficult rather than easy.To facilitate his learning in a college course, a visual learner would likelytake notes during class.