HUM 232 End of Quarter Jeopardy

You cannot delegate the nursing process/practice; education, assessment, evaluation to this person
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Bearing responsibility for both the action and inaction of the nurse and those to whom he or she delegates tasksAccountabilityPatients with which precautions need private room?Neutropenic precautions Enteric/contact precautions Airborne precautionsThe active process of directing, guiding and influencing the outcome of an individuals performance of a taskSupervisionDelegation considerationsPatient stability, staff capabilities, complexity of the task and amount of clinical oversight the delegator will be able to provide.What is HB 1868?Safe staffing bill (nurse: patient ratio)Ways nurses can get involved in policy changesRegister to vote and VOTE. Join a professional nursing organization. Communicate with policy makers by phone, letters, email or fax. Meet with policymakers and participate in town hall meetings.This process is responsible for shaping health care policies at the local, state and federal level.Legislative ProcessWhat is Health Policy?Set course of actions taken by governments orhealth care organizations to obtain desiredhealth outcomesMoney the organization receives for services rendered from self-payors, private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid For nursing units, this is projected from patient days, average daily census and procedures.RevenueWhat is Compassion Fatigue?The physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion resulting from caring for patients and witnessing pain and suffering.The most common form of workplace violence that involves an imbalance of power with an intent to cause harm through repeated, harmful acts intended to humiliate, offend, or cause distress to an individual or group of individualsBullyingRanked the Most EthicalProfessionalsNursesAn act of non-physical aggression that is perpetuated by one nurse against another and can involve incivility and bullying.Lateral ViolenceDescribed as rude and disrespectful behavior such as gossiping, spreading rumors, refusing to help a co-worker. It can be either face-to-face, in e-mail or texts or behind the person's back to coworkers.