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Revision set focusing on the multi-store model as part of Unit 1, A-Level psychology.

Sensory Memory

First memory store, all senses come into here, but only certain thing are paid attention to which will then be moved into short-term memory. Information only lasts a faction of a second.

Short-term Memory

Information comes from our sensory memory and is stored in here for up to 30 seconds, however only 7 things can be held at once and if you don't rehearsal them you the information will be lost through decay.

Long-term Memory

Information comes in from our short-term memory if it has been rehearsed enough times, memories can be held in here forever and the amount of space is unlimited.


The way thoughts are processed/the way in which people think.


How much information is held.


How long the information can be held for.


The way in which the information is stored (e.g. acoustically, visually)


A sound form.

Ecological Validity

Whether the research can be related to a real life situation.


The meaning of the word (for example).


An area in the brain which allows you to recalls skills and different actions, e.g. riding a bike, playing an instrument.


An area in the brain which allows you to recall episodes/events in you're life, e.g. wedding day, having children.


An area in the brain which allows you to make new memories (Clive Wearing's has been destroyed) .


A way in which information can be lost.


Getting information/memories muddled up with others.

Retrieval failure

Unable to find the information/memory, a cue can help you remember.

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