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  1. spain
  2. intervening opportunity
  3. high
  4. portugal
  5. agrarian revolution
  1. a new crops from colonies; agricultural innovations; increased food production and population
  2. b northern europe's living standard
  3. c nearer sources of supply diminishes the attractiveness of more distant sources
  4. d EU improved its infrastructure
  5. e devolution strong in basquez and catolonia

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  1. non-changing colonial system; perpetuates core advantages of the modern world
  2. (east asia or south asia or europe)-more urban pattern
  3. Mesoamerica and Peruvian Andes
  4. [ ] and [ ] dominated Western Europe
  5. [ ] river runs through Hungary

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  1. neolithic8000-4500 B.C.; new stone age; human and animal labor; agriculture


  2. belgium (south)source areas from which ideas, innovations, and ideologies radiated


  3. united kingdom and northwest france climatehot, dry summers; cool, moist winters


  4. culture diffusiondistinctive attributes of a society imprinted on its portion of the world's physical stage.


  5. isolated state model ring #2increasingly extensive field crops