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  1. new colonialism/neocolonialism
  2. roman empire
  3. copenhagen
  4. south cyprus
  5. france
  1. a nordic's transfer port city
  2. b linked cities through transportation systems
  3. c contains a primate city
  4. d non-changing colonial system; perpetuates core advantages of the modern world
  5. e greek sector; republic of cyprus

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  1. complimentarity, transferability, intervening opportunity
  2. no primate city
  3. location relative to other places
  4. EU improved its infrastructure
  5. zone encircled by active volcanoes and earthquakes

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  1. holocene epoch10,000 years ago-present; withdrawal of glaciers; rise of human civilizations; earliest environmental determinism


  2. climatelong term prevailing weather conditions


  3. isolated state model ring #4increasingly extensive field crops


  4. cultural landscapedistinctive attributes of a society imprinted on its portion of the world's physical stage.


  5. neolithic10,000-100,000 years ago; hunting and gathering


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