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  1. belgium (north)
  2. mercantilism
  3. north cyprus
  4. Ullman's 3 principles of spatial interaction
  5. centrifugal forces
  1. a complimentarity, transferability, intervening opportunity
  2. b benelex country: flemish; more population
  3. c turkey sector; turkish republic
  4. d competitive wealth accumulation
  5. e divisive stresses/forces

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  1. justice and home affairs, economics, defense
  2. ease of transferring goods
  3. greek sector; republic of cyprus
  4. map distance and actual ground distance ratio
  5. encouraged functional specialization

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  1. 2 New World Centersproposed continental drift


  2. primate citylong term prevailing weather conditions


  3. shatter beltprosperous, not in EU, multilingual, no primate city


  4. portugalEU improved its infrastructure


  5. northern europemost people live in southern part (warmer)