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  1. italy
  2. belgium (south)
  3. portugal
  4. united kingdom and northwest france climate
  5. equator at 0 degrees
  1. a mediterranean europe's most economically advanced
  2. b humid temperate, no dry season
  3. c benelex country: french; more control
  4. d EU improved its infrastructure
  5. e hot and wet all year round

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  1. no primate city
  2. shared patterns of learned behavior
  3. environment determines where man lives; man changes environment
  4. prosperous, not in EU, multilingual, no primate city
  5. one million deaths and 2 million immigrated

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  1. icelandcore city's surrounding zone of interaction; periphery


  2. mediterranean climatea country's disproportionally largest; best represents national expression


  3. cyprusdevolution strong in basquez and catolonia


  4. belgium (north)benelex country: flemish; more population


  5. Alfred Wegenerproposed continental drift