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  1. copenhagen
  2. EU's original policy aims
  3. Danube
  4. centrifugal forces
  5. scale
  1. a [ ] river runs through Hungary
  2. b map distance and actual ground distance ratio
  3. c nordic's transfer port city
  4. d justice and home affairs, economics, defense
  5. e divisive stresses/forces

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  1. no primate city
  2. a country's disproportionally largest; best represents national expression
  3. forest
  4. regions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy at central governments expense
  5. benelex country: french; more control

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  1. complimentarityexchange of goods to satisfy each other's demands; one area has a surplus of an item demanded by another


  2. germanyolder history and location over germany


  3. franceterritorially larger over germany


  4. roman empireencouraged functional specialization


  5. centripetal forcesbinding, unifying of the state