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  1. switzerland
  2. roman empire
  3. climate
  4. culture hearth
  1. a linked cities through transportation systems
  2. b source areas from which ideas, innovations, and ideologies radiated
  3. c long term prevailing weather conditions
  4. d prosperous, not in EU, multilingual, no primate city

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  1. greek sector; republic of cyprus
  2. population divided into a hierarchy of social classes
  3. area of spatial change where boarders of two adjacent realms or region; gradual shift in neighboring realms' characteristics
  4. core city's surrounding zone of interaction; periphery
  5. fragmentation of smaller, often hostile political units

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  1. environmental determinismfirst city with over one million people


  2. north cyprusisland split into north and south


  3. germanyno primate city


  4. EU's original policy aimsbinding, unifying of the state


  5. belgium (north)benelex country: french; more control