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  1. relative location
  2. cyprus
  3. isolated state model ring #2
  4. south cyprus
  5. agrarian revolution
  1. a island split into north and south
  2. b new crops from colonies; agricultural innovations; increased food production and population
  3. c location relative to other places
  4. d greek sector; republic of cyprus
  5. e forest

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  1. ease of transferring goods
  2. larger population over france
  3. benelex country: french; more control
  4. source areas from which ideas, innovations, and ideologies radiated
  5. northern europe's living standard

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  1. isolated state modeleconomic patterns develop around European cities; four land-use rings surrounding a market place; developed by Von Thuren


  2. climatefirst city in europe to reach a population of 1 million


  3. paleolithicin EU, primate city:Vienna, one language


  4. scalemap distance and actual ground distance ratio


  5. north cyprusturkey sector; turkish republic