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  1. spain
  2. neolithic
  3. paleolithic
  4. north cyprus
  5. potato famine
  1. a 10,000-100,000 years ago; hunting and gathering
  2. b devolution strong in basquez and catolonia
  3. c turkey sector; turkish republic
  4. d 8000-4500 B.C.; new stone age; human and animal labor; agriculture
  5. e one million deaths and 2 million immigrated

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  1. in EU, primate city:Vienna, one language
  2. separating plates
  3. proposed continental drift
  4. exchange of goods to satisfy each other's demands; one area has a surplus of an item demanded by another
  5. cultural extension policy: support for a national group in a neighboring country

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  1. west to easteuropean economic development levels decline from [ ] to [ ]


  2. holocene epochencouraged functional specialization


  3. Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Irelandeconomic patterns develop around European cities; four land-use rings surrounding a market place; developed by Von Thuren


  4. isolated state model ring #1intensive farming and dairying


  5. Danube[ ] river runs through Hungary