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  1. france
  2. hinterland
  3. transition zone
  4. holocene epoch
  5. copenhagen
  1. a older history and location over germany
  2. b area of spatial change where boarders of two adjacent realms or region; gradual shift in neighboring realms' characteristics
  3. c 10,000 years ago-present; withdrawal of glaciers; rise of human civilizations; earliest environmental determinism
  4. d core city's surrounding zone of interaction; periphery
  5. e nordic's transfer port city

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  1. nearer sources of supply diminishes the attractiveness of more distant sources
  2. first city with over one million people
  3. contains a primate city
  4. intensive farming and dairying
  5. one million deaths and 2 million immigrated

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  1. cultural landscapesource areas from which ideas, innovations, and ideologies radiated


  2. transferabilitychronic political fracture zone


  3. Ullman's 3 principles of spatial interactionpopulation divided into a hierarchy of social classes


  4. belgium (north)benelex country: french; more control


  5. isolated state model ring #3forest