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  1. Ullman's 3 principles of spatial interaction
  2. balkanization
  3. mediterranean climate
  4. primate city
  5. centripetal forces
  1. a complimentarity, transferability, intervening opportunity
  2. b binding, unifying of the state
  3. c fragmentation of smaller, often hostile political units
  4. d a country's disproportionally largest; best represents national expression
  5. e hot, dry summers; cool, moist winters

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  1. competitive wealth accumulation
  2. zone encircled by active volcanoes and earthquakes
  3. european economic development levels decline from [ ] to [ ]
  4. map distance and actual ground distance ratio
  5. regions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy at central governments expense

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  1. shatter beltcore city's surrounding zone of interaction; periphery


  2. highnorthern europe's living standard


  3. austriain EU, primate city:Vienna, one language


  4. francecontains a primate city


  5. south cyprusturkey sector; turkish republic