Vocab Unit 7

41 terms by Hhoops6

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A pacifist is someonewho ____ violence in all its forms.


If you are not doing well in a particular subject, you may want to ____ your way of studying it.


Blinding snowstorms ____ the barren landmass of Antartica for months on end.


Few figures in history or literature are as severely tested by fortune's ____ as Job in the Old Testament.


A great many people lost their fortunes and even their lives in the ____ brought on by the French Revolution


No one would expect a tiny studio apartment to have particularly ____ closets


Sulfuric acid is one of the most ____ substances known to chemistry.


It is a jury's job to ____ the truth by carefully evaluating all the evidence presented at trail.


The paintings of animals and human hands in Spain's Altamira caves are among the odlest ____ specimens of Stone Age art.


Jewels and other objects once ____ with Egypt's pharaohs can now be seen in numerous museums all over the world.


The suspects never stood trial because there was no solid daring series of robberies


When it came to drilling troops, the Revolutionary War general Baron Friedrich von Steuben was something of a ____


Many a writer has been labeled a ____ for refusing to conform to society's conventions


____ senators from the President's own party joined the opposition to defeat the bill


Stalin elimintated many potential ricals by accusing them of all sorts of ____ acts that they did not commit


The atmosphere in the locker room of the losing team could best be described as ____


Many laws prohibit the types of ____ working conditions found in sweatshops


Letters and diary entries may reveal a person's lifelong struggle to gain some control over ____ emotio


Relief agencies regularly make ____ appeals for aid for victims of wa, terrorism, and natural disasters


The task of summarizing the ___ reports issued by government agencies may fall to members of a legislator's staff.


The senator agred to ____ opposition to the proposed bill if some of its more controvesial provisions were substantially modified.


A person who has been ____ about by many dreadfulmisfortunes will either become stronger or suffer a complete breakdown.


In a natural history museum, we can see physical remains of many species of animals that are no longer ____


In our frantic search for the missing papers, we overturned everything in the room, leaving it in a complete ____


Shakespeare tells us that "the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft ____ with their bones."


Let me say frankly that I ____ predjudice in anyone, even a member of my own family


We are petitioning the council to ____ its procedures so that all citizens will have a chance to express their opinions


It is particularly ____ for citizens to fail to vote in national elections and then complain about the government


The American writer Dorothy Parker was celebrated for her sharp tongue and ____ wit


Are we justified in showing visitors only the most attractive and interesting sections of our cities, towns, or villages while keeping them away from the ____ neighborhoods where so many people live?


Getting a good education will do much to ____ the problem of finding a job that pays well


Those accused of crimes are sometimes willing to ____ their accomplices in return for immunity from prosecution


Who would not feel depressed on entering that ____ old courtroom, with its dim lighting and dark, massive fournishings!


Confident that she could present the case effectively to a judge, the lawyer advised her client to ____ his right to a jury trial


A person who changes from one politcal party to another on the basis of honest conviction should not be regarded as a ____


The trunk of the car was so ____ that it held all our skiing equipment as well as our other luggage


The recordds of the school board meeting on the proposed bond issue are so ____ that it would take me a week to read them


One of the signs of maturity is the ability to ____ the difference between things that are secondary and things that are truly important


We Americans are proud that each change of the national administration, far from being ____ , is carried out in a peaceful and friendly manner


I didn't expect you to like my suggestion, but I was shocked by your bitter and ____ criticism of it


Although our drill instructor went by the book, he was by no means an overbearing ____


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