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Exprésate 1 Capítulo 9 Vocabulario 1

The following list of vocabulary words are selected from the Holt Spanish 1 Teachers edition of ¡Exprésate!. The spellings, definitions and, punctuation of the following words have been taken directly from the textbook. While alternative translations of some words, phrases, or sentences may exist, these definitions are provided as a study guide specifically for the ¡Exprésate! Textbook. If there are any errors please leave a comment in the discussion box and I will do my best to correct them pro…

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el Año Nuevo
New Year's Day
to celebrate
como siempre
as always
decorar la casa
to decorate the house
el Día de Acción de Gracias
Thanksgiving Day
el Día de la Independencia
Independence Day
el Día de la Madre
Mother's Day
el Día de los Enamorados
Valentine's Day
el Día del Padre
Father's Day
hacer una fiesta
to have a party
to invite
la Navidad
la Nochebuena
Christmas Eve
la Nochevieja
New Year's Eve
Pensamos ...
We plan to ...
¿Qué planes tienen para ... ?
What plans do you have for ... ?
la Semana Santa
Holy Week
tener un picnic
to have a picnic
abrir regalos
to open gifts
el año pasado
last year
los días festivos
Estuvo a todo dar.
It was great.
to celebrate
La pasamos en casa de ...
We spent it at ... 's house.
mandar tarjetas
to send cards
la misa
to spend
¿Qué tal estuvo?
How was it?
recibir regalos
to receive gifts
reunirse con (toda) la familia
to get together with the (whole) family
la sinagoga
el templo
ver fuegos artificiales
to see fireworks