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A short Practice test on the Definitions Found in Access Chapter one Of the Microsoft OFFICE 2010 Introductory Book.

Database Management System

Software tool that can be used to create a database; add, change, and delete data in the database.


Rows in the tables.


Contains a specific piece of information within a record.

Primary Key

Unique identifier also is called...


The storing of a piece of data in more than one place.

Database Design

Refers to the arrangement of data into tables and fields.

System Analysis

Determination of database requirements is part of a process known as

Navigation Pane

Contains a list of all the objects in the database.

Status Bar

The words Datasheet View at the lower left of the screen appear on the..

Access Work Area

The entire area that displays on the screen is called the...

Object Tabs

For the open objects appear at the top of the work area..

Title Bar

In the accompanying figure, the database name, Camashaly Design appears on the


The buttons at the bottom-right edge of the screen are ____________________ buttons, which you use to change the view that is currently displayed.

Design View

This view has more functionality for creating a table than Datasheet view.


If it is desirable to have a name other than the field name appear at the top of a column in Datasheet view, change the field's ____________________ to a different name.


For the Currency data type, Access automatically sets the ____________________ to Currency.


To move a field, click the column heading for the field to be moved to select the field, and then ____________________ the field to the desired position.

Data Sheet View

The table is represented as a collection of rows and columns called a datasheet


To move between the upper pane and the lower pane in the Table Design window, press ____________________ on the keyboard.

Auto Correct

This feature of Access corrects common mistakes when you complete a text entry in a cell.


Field can store a variable amount of text or combinations of text and numbers where the total number of characters may exceed 255.

Status Bar

Presents information about the database object, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands and keys


Field can contain any characters and the total numbers of characters cannot exceed 255.


Field can contain only monetary data.


Field can store a unique sequential number that Access assigns to the record.


A commonly accepted shorthand representation for showing the structure of a relational database

Print Preview

View that shows a report as it will appear when printed.

Report View

View that shows a report on the screen and allows changes to the report.

Layout View

View that shows a report on the screen and does not allow changes to the report.

Meta Data

Can include such information as the file's author, title, or subject.

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