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no man's land

stretch of ground between opposing trenches


against war under any circumstances


assassinated the Austrian Archduke and his wife

Triple Alliance

Germany Italy and Austria-Hungary

Triple Entente

France Russia Britain


were first used at the battle of Somme

Lusitania U20 U88

British passenger ship sunk by a German uboat- be able to explain what happened to the Lusitania, the U20 and U88. You have links to the internet in your notes. You might want to revisit them.

Woodrow Wilson

U.S. President during WWI


leader of the Bolsheviks

Red Baron

deadliest flying ace of WWI


any pilot who shot down at least five planes

Who killed the Red Baron

Be able to back up your claim of who killed the Red Baron. You need three supports.

John J. Pershing

head of the U.S. troops in Europe

Lawrence of Arabia

British agent who encouraged the Arabs to rebel against Turkey. He led raids on military bases and attacked trains, etc


the followers of Lenin who overthrew Kerensky and took power in Russia

Wilson's fourteen points

American War aims after WWI

July 28, 1914

Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia

August 1, 1914

Germany declared war on Russia

August 3, 1914

Germany declared war on France

April 6, 1917

the U.S. declared war on Germany

June 28, 1919

Germany signed the Treaty of Versaillles


left the Triple Alliance when war broke out


when Germany invaded this neutral country, Britain declared war


Germany used these to try and break the British blockade


only major naval battle in WWI

order of surrender of Central Powers

Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Germany


helped the Allies in WWI by patrolling the Pacific looking for German ships

Two important outcomes of the Battle of Jutland

1.The German fleet never came out to fight again. 2.Britain kept control of the seas and was able to continue the blockade.

Weapons and counter measures

Be able to list three new weapons Germany came up with to try and end the war quickly and be able to list the counter measure the Allies used to off set the weapon.

List any four reasons the U.S. turned against Germany and finally entered the war.

1. invasion of neutral countries 2.use of poison gas 3.sinking of unarmed ships 4.German secret agents blowing up munitions factories and freight ships in the U.S. 5.Zimmermann telegram to Mexico 6.unrestricted submarine warfare

1. Explain how the Germans were able to defeat the Russian army.

German plan to defeat the Russian army - They would take on the two Russian armies separately, one after the other. In this way they could use maximum force against the enemy. The Russians had two main armies, one commanded by Samsonov, and the other by Rennenkampf. The two generals hated each other and would not tell each other where they were. The Germans took on the Russians one at a time and defeated them.

Allied powers

Be able to name any six allied powers 1. England 2. France 3. Russia 4. United States 5. Italy 6. Serbia 7. Canada 8. Japan

What was the taxicab army?

Germans reached the Marne River, 15 miles from Paris. The battle lasted five days. It looked like the Germans would win. French commanders called for help from Paris. Then an amazing thing happened. From the streets of Paris came a long line of taxicabs and buses, headed for the front. French troops were piled into this strange taxicab army. The tide of the battle turned with these reinforcements.

What were the chief causes of WWI?

The chief causes of World War I were (1) the rise of nationalism, (2) a build-up of military might, (3) competition for colonies, and (4) a system of military alliances.

Treaty of Versailles

The treaty signed by Germany to end WWI

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