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Watch the video below. Based on what you have learned in the chapter, what type of Christian service is depicted here?
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Characteristic(s) Common to Christianity in the Global South
*an emphasis on supernaturalism and miracles
*an emphasis on the experiential dimension of religion over its ethical dimension
*skill at entrepreneurialism and innovation

NOT Characteristic(s) Common to Christianity in the Global South
*a liberal reading of the Bible that looks to "the spirit" of the text rather than the letter
According to Christian tradition, Jesus expected his Jewish followers both to ___ the law and to ___ it.observe, internalizeWhich of the following are a factor in the global success of Pentecostalism?Factor(s) in the Global Success of Pentecostalism *Pentecostalism is egalitarian, offering the gifts of the Holy Spirit without regard to education, race, class, or gender. *People are drawn to Pentecostalism because it emphasizes supernatural experiences. *Pentecostalism refuses to restrict its reach to one day a week or to the privacy of the home. *Pentecostals continue to adapt to new languages and new cultures. *Pentecostals are putting a lot of effort into growing their church. NOT Factor(s) in the Global Success of Pentecostalism *Pentecostalism teaches that everyone who does not convert will go to hell.Which of the following was a product of the Counter-Reformation?Product(s) of Counter-Reformation *The Roman Inquisition published the Index of Forbidden Books, which branded works by Luther and Calvin, and many Bible translations, as heretical. *The Catholic Church rejected sola scriptura and reaffirmed the power of the papacy and the importance of tradition in both producing and interpreting scripture. *New religious orders were founded, including the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). NOT Product(s) of Counter-Reformation *The Catholic Church declared the doctrine of papal infallibility. *The Catholic Church continued to prohibit sermons in vernacular languages and support the sale of indulgences.Pius IX convened the First Vatican Council of 1869-1870, which pronounced papal infallibility to be "a divinely revealed dogma." Papal infallibility is the belief that everything a pope says is true.FalseThe Garden Tomb was unearthed in 1867 and purchased in 1894 by ___ ___ as a place to remember and retell their Jesus story.British ProtestantsWhich of the following statements about the Reformation is accurate?Martin Luther introduced a radical idea of "Christian Liberty" by calling into question the hierarchy of clergy and lay Christians.Which of the following statements reflect MOST Christians' understanding of sin?Statement(s) Reflecting Most Christians' Understanding of Sin *Sin is passed down from Adam and Eve. *God made salvation from sin possible by sending Jesus Christ into the world. *Those in a state of sin are barred from heaven. NOT Statement(s) Reflecting Most Christians' Understanding of Sin *All human beings have the power to overcome sin if they work hard enough.Arrange these events from Christian history in the chronological order.1. Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles introduces Pentecostalism. 2. The Fundamentals proclaims biblical infallibility. 3. Second Vatican Council defines the Church as "the people of God." 4. Founding of Moral Majority signals arrival of the New Religious Right in the United States. 5. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire becomes the first openly gay priest to become an Episcopal bishop.According to the text, what was the MOST successful Christian movement of the twentieth century?PentecostalismHenry VIII founded his own church, which led to Christians known as ___, who are known as ___ in the United States.Angelicans, Episcopalians