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Qutub Minar. Dehli Sultanate.Qutub -ud-din Aibak. c. 1200

Humayun's Tomb. Mughal. Dehli. c. 1565

Diwan-i-Khas(Exterior). Mughal . Fatephur Sikri. c.1568-75



Taj Mahal. Mughal. Agra. 1634


Chaurpancasika. Sultanate Court Style. HIndu text. c.1500


Ni'mat Nama. Delhi Court Style. Islamic text, c.1610


Akbar Subduing the Elephant. Akbarnama. Mughal. c.1590s


Death of Inayat Khan. Mughal. Hashim. c.1618


Rustic Concert. Mughal. Govardhan. c. 1625


Siege of Kandahar. Mughal. after Altdorfer. late 17th C


Lalita Ragini. Mewar. Sahibdin.c.1628


Lovers on a Terrace. Mewar. attributed to Chokha. c.1810


Lady Yearning for her Lover. Rajput. Bundi. late18th C


Brijnathji and Durjan Sal Sight a Pride of Lions. Rajput. Kotah.18th C


Krishna and Radha Recline on a Lotus. Marwar. Nihal Chand. c. 1745


Disguising her Real Intent. Rasamanjari. Basohli. c.1660


Balwant Singh in His Tent. Jammu. Nainsukh. c.1750


Krishna Steals the Gopi's Clothes. Bhagavata Purana. Kangra. c. 1770


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