Pharm Pain

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aspirin precautionsbleeding disorders, vitamin K deficiency, ARBs, ACEs, alcohol, other NSAIDs, some antibiotics, steroids Do not use in children <15- Reyes syndromeAspirin overdose treatmentdialysis, ventilatory supportSamter's triadAsthma Aspirin sensitivity Nasal polypsNSAIDs functionanalgesic anti-inflammatory antipyretic anti-rhematicNSAIDs mechanism of actionInhibit prostaglandin synthesis by blocking COXNSAIDs contraindicationsallergy to NSAIDs or aspirin, patients with clot history, musculoskeletal disorders (OA, RA)Toradol NSAIDcan use IV for 3 days without kidney injuryIbuprofen issuesbleeding issuesopioid overdose triadcoma, respiratory depression, pinpoint pupilsopioid OD treatmentnaloxone or other opioid antagonist respiratory support and other vital functionsketamine functioninterrupts glutamate function, binds to mu and sigma in higher dosesKetamine adverse effectshallucinations, dizziness, slurred speech, ulcers, kidney problemsMeperidine (Demerol)Opioid Analgesic use short term in ER, administer slowlymeperidine issuescan lead to build up of normeperidine and result in seizures, limit use to <48 hours incompatible with many drugs including barbituratesHow does fentanyl compare to morphine?Fentanyl has 100 times the potency of morphine. Decrease incidence of hypotensiontolerancebody adapts to the drug, higher doses of medication needed to achieve same effectpseudo addictionwhen patients are undertreated for pain, they will behave "like addicts" to get the relief they needaddictionA physiological or psychological dependence on a drugsteroid function for painAntiinflammatory- immunosuppressive, sodium retention, potassium losssteroid pain usesRA, lupus, IBD, allergy/asthma, neoplasmssteroid pain problemslots of issues, always taper- withdrawalsteroid side effectsAdrenal insufficiency, osteoporosis, infection, glucose intolerance, myopathy, fluid imbalances, growth retardation, psychological imbalance, cataracts, glaucoma, peptic ulcers, iatrogenic cushing's syndromes