Ch. 9 Urinary System-Medical Terminology

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Which condition is inflammation of the kidney and the renal pelvis


Which term means the Inability to control urination when sneezing

Stress Incontinence

Which term describes the outer layer of the kidney


Which term describes excessive urination at night


Which condition is the abnormal narrowing of the tube that carries urine out of the body called


Which sudden onset condition is characterized by uremia?

Acute Renal Failure

Which of following is not a characteristic of nephrotic syndrome?
a. edema
b. hyperproteinuria
c. hypolipidemia
d. pyelitis

d. pyelitis

T/F: Homeostasis is a state of Equilibrium that produced a constant internal environment throughout the body


T/F: The kidneys are located within the peritoneal membranes of the abdominal cavity.

Kidneys are located behind (posterior to) the abdominal cavity, in the retroperotoneum.

T/F: Diuretics are administered to decrease urine secretion

Diuretics are administered to increase urine secretion(False)

T/F: Cystoscopy- the visual examination of the interior of the urinary bladder

Cystoscopy (True)

T/F: Oliguria- Scanty Urination

Oliguria (True)

T/F: A Urinary Tract Infection usually begins with the kidney

Urinary Tract Infection usually begins with the bladder. (False)

T/F: Dysuria- Difficult or painful urination

Dysuria (True)

T/F: Cystocele- a hernia of the bladder through the vagina wall

Cystocele (True)

T/F: Lithotripsy- the Destruction of a kindney stone thru the use of ultrasonic waves

Extracorporeal shockwave lithiotripsy is the the Destruction of a kindney stone thru the use of ultrasonic waves. (False)

T/F: Renal Colic is caused by inflammation of the kidney.

Glomerulonephritis is caused by inflammation of the kidney. (False)

T/F: A ureterolith is a stone in the urethra

Ureterolith is a stone located anywhere along the ureter (False)

T/F: Pyeloplasty is the surgical repair of the renal pelvis.

Pyeloplasty (True)

A vesicovaginal fistula is an abnormal opening between the bladder and vagina.

Vesicovaginal Fistula (True)

T/F: Renal Failure is the inability of one or both kidneys to perform their functions

Renal Failure (True)

T/F: Polycystic Kidney Disease is an inherited kidney disorder in which the kidneys become enlarged because of multiple cysts

Polycystic Kidney Disease (True)

T/F: Ureterostenosis is the distention of a ureter

Ureterostenosis is the narrowing of the ureter.

T/F: Each Glomerulus is surrounded by a renal pelvis

Glomerulus, which is a cluster of capillaries is surrounded by a cup shaped membrane called the Bowman's Capsule.

T/F: A urinary sphincter, located at each end of the urethra, controls the flow of urine

Urinary sphincter (True)

T/F: Urine is the major waste product of protein metabolism

Urea is the major waste product of protein metabolism (False)

T/F: A kidney transplant requires 2 kidneys to replace the function of the recipients kidneys

A kidney transplant requires 1 kidneys to replace the function of the recipients kidneys(False)

T/F: Nephroptosis is also known as a floating kidney

Nephroptosis is also known as _________.(True)

T/F: Urethralgia is inflammation of the urethra

Urethralgia is inflammation of the urethra(False)

**Urethralgia is pain in the urethra.

T/F: Hemodialysis is the removal of waste products directly from the blood

Hemodialysis (True)

T/FL: A female ureter is 10in. long

A female ureter is 4in. long(False)

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