Food Stagnation aka Digestives

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Main temp/taste: Neutral, Sweet

Channels: SP-ST

-Help guide out stagnant food from digestive tract; reduce, dissolve, digest, move out

-Disorders usually stem from poor Qi & Blood circulation, emotional disturbance or improper diet

-Can be a serious issue in children

-Herbs often combo'd with tonics, transform damp, regulate Qi, purgatives

Sx: epi/ab distension, burping, acid reflux, N/V, poor appetite, loose stools or constipation, indigestion d/t Sp-St xu
~Dosage: 9-12g
~Temp/Taste: Sl. Warm; Sweet, SOUR

+Promote digestion, elim. food stag: meat, greasy foods; diarrhea, abdominal distension, pain

+Transform Blood Stasis, dissipate clumps: postpartum abd pain, clumps, dysmenorrhea, chest pain

+Bulging disorders

+Stops diarrhea: chronic dysentery-like disorders (charred partially)

+HTN, coronary artery disease, elevated serum cholesterol

C/I: Pregnancy - can cause fetal death
~Dosage: 9-15g
~Temp/Taste: Neutral; Sweet

+Starchy foods, milk (infants), weak digestion, loss of appetite

+Stop lactation for distension and pain in breasts

+Moves LR Qi: stifled sensation and distension in epigastrium/ribs, belching, loss of appetite

C/I: LOW dose for lactating women (up to 9g); caution for restraining lactation (30-60g)
~Dosage: 4.5-9g
~Temp/Taste: Neutral; Sweet, Acrid
~Prep: Crush before use; dry fry to induce vomiting

+Reduce food stag: fullness, distension, rotten smelling belch, acid reflux, abd pain with diarrhea
--Promotes flow of Qi in LU, SP, LI

+Descend LU Qi, reduce Phlegm: chronic cough, wheeze


C/I: Not for long term use
Nasty smelling burp, pain with diarrhea, descend LU Qi and transform phlegm, treat HTN; crush before use or dry fry for emeticLai Fu ZiJi Nei Jin (Chicken gizzard lining)~Dosage: 3-9g ~Temp/Taste: Neutral; Sweet ~Ch: UB-SI-SP-ST +Strongly reduces various types of food stag, improve SP transport fx +Childhood nutritional impairment +Secures Essence, stop enuresis: bed-wetting, urinary frequency, nocturia +Transform hardness, dissolve urinary and biliary stonesStrongly remove all types of food stag, malnutrition in children, astringes essence, resolve masses & dissolves all types of stones, urinary/billiaryJi Nei Jin