20 terms

Coding Chapter 8 - Respiratory System Signs, Symptons, Diseases, and Conditions

aspirate (ASS-per-ayt; ass-per-AY-shun)
to draw foreign material into the lungs (Note: Aspirate and aspiration also means to withdraw fluid or tissue, as in bone
marrow aspiration.)
acapnia (ay-KAP-nee-ah)
a- = without
-capria = carbon dioxide
absence of carbon dioxide in the blood; less than normal blood levels of carbon dioxide
anoxia (an-OCKS-ee-ah)
an- = absence; lack
ox/i = oxygen
-a = noun ending
absence or lack of the normal level of oxygen in the blood
aphonia (ay-FON-nee-ah)
a- = absence; lack of
-phonia = sound or voice
inability to produce sound or speech
apnea (ap-NEE-ah)
a- = absence; lack of
-pnea = breathing
absence or lack of breathing; temporary cessation of breathing
dysphonia (diss-FOH-nee-ah)
dys- = difficult
-phonia = voice; sound
difficulty producing speech or vocal sounds
dyspnea (disp-NEE-ah)
dys- = difficult
-pnea = breathing
difficulty breathing
dyspnea on exertion (DOE)
difficulty breathing during any physical activity
hypercapnia (high-per-KAP-nee-ah)
hyper- = excessive; increase
-capnia = carbon dioxide
increased or excessive carbon dioxide in the blood
hyperpnea (high-per-NEE-ah)
hyper- = excessive; increase
-pnea = breathing
excessive or increased breathing
hypocapnia (high-poh-KAP-nee-ah)
hypo- = decreased; deficient
-capnia = carbon dioxide
deficient carbon dioxide levels in the blood
hypopnea (high-pop-NEE-ah)
hypo- = decreased; deficient
-pnea = breathing
decreased or deficient breathing
hypoxemia (high-POCKS-EE-mee-ah)
hypo- = decreased; deficient
ox/i = oxygen
-emia = blood
deficient or decreased oxygen in the blood
hypoxia (high-POCKS-ee-ah)
hypo- = decreased, deficient
ox/i = oxygen
-a = noun ending
deficient or decreased oxygen supply to body tissue
mucopurulent (myoo-koh-PYOOR-yoo-lent)
containing both mucus and pus
orthopnea (or-THOP-nee-ah)
orht/o = straight
-pnea = breathing
ability to breathe only when upright or in the upright position
rales (RALZ)
abnormal chest sound caused by congested or spasmodic bronchi
rhinorrhea (righ-noh-REE-ah)
rhin/o = nose
-(r)rhea = copious discharge; drainage
thin watery discharge from the nose; runny nose
rhonchi (RONG-kigh)
rales or rattling in the throat, resembles snoring
stridor (STRIGH-dor)
harsh, high-pitched sound during respiration