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Computer Memory


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What kind of computer memory is both static and nonvolatile?
Where does most data go first within a computer's memory hierarchy?
What does BIOS stand for?
Basic input/output system
When your computer's speed begins to drop, which element of memory is likely overtaxed?
What is a clock cycle?
The CPU's processing speed
What is a memory cache?
A temporary memory storage device that keeps certain data available for quick reference
In the world of computers, what is bus width?
The number of bits that can be sent to a CPU simultaneously
What is latency?
The number of clock cycles needed to read a particular bit of information
Which kind of computer memory is the first to activate when you turn on your computer?
How does virtual memory free up RAM?
It looks for data in RAM that hasn't been used much, copies that data to the hard drive and frees up RAM for other processes.