A Beka American history chap. 18 quiv

Whose assassination sparked WWI?
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T/F For the first time women were admitted to America's armed forces during WWITrueT/F The resenment and econmic hardship that resulted in Germany following the Treaty of Versailles helped to sow seeds for WWIITrueT/F The red scare was a quickly formed rash that affected the solders in trench warfareFalse; communisms aka the RussiansT/F The decade after WWI is referred to as the Rebellious TwentiesFalse; The roaring Twenties.T/F The Scopes Trial was an important case concerning the issue of gamblingFalse; aka scopes monkey trial of science teacher John Scopes for legally teaching evolution in a schoolAfter WWI congress drastically reduced the amount of war debt that Germany was to pay to the United States. This negotiated plan was called the Dawes Act.True