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Merocrine sweat glands

What are the most numerous sweat glands (3-4 million in adults)?

simple tubular glands

What are the shape of merocrine glands?

watery perspiration that helps cool the body

What is the consistency and function of merocrine sweat glands?

Myoepithelial cells

contract in response to stimulation by sympathetic nervous system and squeeze perspiration up the duct

groin, anal region, axilla, areola, bearded areas in mature men

Where are apocrine sweat glands located?

thicker, milky, and contains fatty acids. scent glands that respond to stress and sexual stimulation

What is the consistency and function of apocrine swaet glands?


When do apocrine sweat glands form?


chemicals that influence the physiology of behavior of other members of the species


disagreeable body odor produced by bacterial action of fatty acids

acid mantle

inhibits bacterial growth

insensible perspiration

does not produce visible wetness of skin


sweating with wetness of the skin


oily secretion produce by sebaceous gland

flask-shaped and opening into hair follicle

What is the shape and location of sebaceous glands?

Holocrine gland- secretion consists of broken down cells (replaced by mitosis)

what kind of glands are sebaceous glands and what does this mean?

keeo skin and hair form becoming dry, cracked and brittle

What is the major rolle of sebaceous glands?


sheep sebum

external ear canal

Where are ceruminous glands found?

secretion of ceruminous glands combined with sebum and dead epithelial cells

What forms earwax (cerumen)?

-keeps eardrum pliable
-waterproofs the canal
-kills bacteria
-makes guard hairs of ear sticky to help protect from foreign invaders

What are the functions of ceruminous glands?

simple, coiled tubular glands

What is the form of ceruminous glands?

richer secretion released by ducts opening into the nipple

How are mammary glands modified apocrine glands?

mammary ridges of milk lines

two rows of mammary glands in most mammals


additional nipples

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