William Sherman
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What did the 14th amendment do?Gave rights to all born in the USWhat did the 15th amendment do?Granted African American men the right to voteWhy was Fort Sumter significant to the Civil War?It was the first battle of the Civil War, started itWhat does scorched earth mean?It is a military strategy used to destroy anything that might be used by the enemy. It was used by William ShermanWhere did the Civil War end?Appomattox Court House, Virginia. When Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. GrantWhat happened on June 19th, 1865?2000 Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, TX and freed the 250,000 slaves who hadn't been realsedWhat percentage of Confederate army volunteers did not own slaves?90%What were women's 3 tasks they had to take on while men were at work?1. Raise Money 2. Managing the house 3. taking on men's jobsWhat was the 54th Massachusetts?It's was when the Civil War had the first official call for black soldiers and more than 1000 black men responded. It was the first black regiment to be raised in the NorthWhy did Reconstruction fail?It failed because whites didn't want to give freedom to the blackWhere and When was Abraham Lincoln shot? Who shot him?He was shot on April 14, 1865 at the Ford's Theater by John Wilkes BoothWhat were the five border states?Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and DelawareWhat battles did the Confederate's win?Battle of Chickamauga Battle of Fredericksburg Seven Days Battle First Battle of the Bull RunWhat battle was won by neither the North or South?Battle of AntietamIn Sherman's March to Sea, why did Sherman divide up his troops into four seperate armies for the march?To help spread out distructionWhat agreement signaled that the South had lost the War?Grant Lee - AgreementWHich general surrendered his army to the Union army?General LeeHow many confederate generals were killed/wounded in the battle of Chickamauga?10Which general was sent to Chattanooga by Abraham Lincoln to open a supply line?Ulysses S. GrantWhat was Pickett's Charge?When Robert E Lee sent one of his generals to attack the center of the Union army.Around how many soldiers fought in the Battle of Gettysburg?166,000How long did the Siege of Vicksburg last?47 daysHow did the Union army cross the river to get to Fredericksburg?They assembled a pontoon bridgeIn the Battle of Chancellorsville, who had more soldiers during the battle? Who suffered more lossesUnionWhat did Abraham lincoln do as a result of the Union victory of the Battle of Antietam?Announced the Emancipation ProclamationWhat did Abraham Lincoln do the day after the First Battle of Bull Run?He signed a Bill that authorized the establishment of 500,000 new Union soldiersWhat was the Hornet's nest?the place where the Union forces stayed during the Battle of Shiloh, it was a sunken part of the road that the Union held back confederates withWhat was the first and last battle of the Civil War?1st: Fort Sumter Last: Appomattox Courthouse