Graphic Design Study Guide

A typesetting machine for letterpress in which a whole line of type, or slug, is cast in one operation
A letterpress typesetting machine that casts individual metal letters in a two-stage process; the advantage of it was that corrections could be made using precast sorts. Great for books.
Raster Print
is made of lines with pixels; less transferable than Post Script
Uses vectors (lines and curves) which gives a clearer/sharper image; the advantage of it over raster is that it is more transferable
clean lines, higher x-height, one of the most popular 20th century; many variants; one of the most important fonts
Open Type
a font format developed by Adobe and Microsoft; compatible with Macs and PCs; supports expanded character sets; can make multi-language typesetting easier
the specific form that a unicode character can take (italics, bold, etc.)
Designing Font Face
legible and readable - you can make out the type; does it communicate? goal is to communicate
any copy that will print in a single color requiring no other intermediate treatment; this process is the cheapest and most satisfactory for printing on inferior papers