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having the worthy qualities of human beings, such as kindness or compassion


a philosophy in which interests and values of human beings are of primary importance


branches of knowledge concerned with human beings and their culture: philosophy, literature, and the fine arts. as distiguished from the sciences


the scientific study of the origins, cultural developement, and customs of human beings


a person who hates all people


the killing of one person by another; a person who kills another


having certain characteristics popularly associated with men, especially physical strength, procreative power, vitality, and assertiveness


the branch of medicine dealing with disease of the reproductive system in women


the belief that women should possess the same political and economic rights as men


a supporter of women's claims to the same rights and treatment as men


a ruler who has absoluted power or unlimited power; a despot


a person who behaves in a mechanical, routine manner; a robot


the condition of being self-governing; independence


the examination of a corpse to determine the cause of death


conceit; valuing everything according to one's personal interest; excessive confidence in the rightness of one's own opinion.

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