A sensor with a fiber optic cable linked to the computer is placed into the mouth of the patient and exposed to x-radiation. This is an example of
A. phosphor imaging.
B. direct digital imaging.
C. indirect digital imaging.
D. use of the CCD camera.
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Sensors that cannot be sterilized
A. require complete coverage with disposable plastic sleeves for each patient.
B. should be disposed of between patients.
C. are placed in an immersion disinfectant for an appropriate amount of time between each patient.
D. are wiped off with a surface disinfectant (iodophor) between patients.
How does the CMOS detector differ from the CCD detector?
A. The CMOS detector is less durable than the CCD detector.
B. The CMOS detector is more expensive to produce than the CCD detector.
C. The CMOS detector is currently manufactured by one company and claims 25% less resolution than the CCD detector.
D. The CMOS detector is silicon-based and differs from the CCD detector in the way that the pixels are read.