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Black Sea

Top sea on the map


The one below Black Sea

Asia Minor

Between Black and Mediterranean Sea

Caspian Sea

Top right of the map


Right below the Caspian Sea

Fertile Crescent

The area of the two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris


The left river


The right river


Right above the top part of the half point and above baghdad and to the Euphrates


Right below or at the half part of the two rivers near the Tigris


Either in between the two rivers below baghdad or near the persain gulf


In the top half of the two rivers

Syrian Desert

Right below Mesopotamia

Arabian Desert

Right below the Syrian


Man I don't know. Somewhere around the little middle peninisula or something idk i know its that its around that mid stub of land


Near the multiple rivers of the Nile with the pyramids and Sphinx


Like right at the split point or below it at the Nile

Lower Egypt

lol upper

Upper Egypt

lol lower

Sahara Desert

Desert that protects Egypt


In Upper Egypt near the Valley of the Kings

Red Sea

Below Mediterranean

Persian Gulf

Below Iran

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