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Moves small amounts of solid matter


Holds liquids

Erlenmeyer flask

Holds liquids

Graduated cylinder

Measures liquids

Stirring rod

Stirs mixtures


Holds and transfers small amounts of liquids


Measures temperature

Test tube

Holds liquids/chemicals


Transfers liquids from one glass to another; can also act as a filter

Test tube holder

Picks up and holds test tubes; the test tubes may be hot

Test tube rack

Holds all of the test tubes

Volumetric flask

Holds a specific amount of liquid; e.g. 100 mL

Buret clamp

Fastens glassware into place on ring stand


Measures liquids

Test tube brush

Cleans out test tube

Rubber stopper

Closes opening to test tube


Cools hot liquids or vapors


Transfers solids


Transfers solids

Bunsen Burner

Heats liquids

Utility clamp

Holds something down securely in place

Iron ring

Holds beaker/test tube

Asbestos screen/Wire gauze

Supports a container while it is being heated

Mortor (Mortar) and pestle

Grinds and mixes substances

Well plate

Used as "small test tubes"

Ring stand

A metal stand that supports laboratory apparatus

Watch glass

Used as an evaporating surface or to cover a beaker


Small container in which substances are heated up

Crucible tongs

Grasp crucible and move it to another location

Pipe-stem triangle

Holds the crucible

Evaporating dish

Holds substances that will evaporate

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