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Regulatory Sign

Signs that tell you the laws that must be obeyed

Warning Sign

alerts you to possible hazards or road conditions

Guide Sign

sign that gives direction, distance, and services


to allow another roadway user to proceed first

Right of way

the right of one vehicle or vessel to take precedence over another

Basic speed law

Law stating that you may not drive faster than is safe and prudent for existing conditions, regardless of posted speed limits.

Minimum speed law

speed that keeps traffic moving safely but doesn't allow traffic to move to slow

Advisory speed limit

speed limit set for special conditions such as sharp curves

School zone

portion of a a street or highway near a school that is subject to special speed limits

Traffic signals

any signal used to control the movement of traffic

Right-turn-on red

turning right when the red signal is on unless specifically prohibited to turn

Flashing signal

traffic signal that alerts drivers to dangerous conditions or tells them to stop

Lane signal

signal, usually overhead, that tells whether a lane can or cannot be used at a specific time

Pedestrian signal

signal used at heavy traffic intersections that tells pedestrians whether they should walk or wait

Shared left-turn lane

lane on a busy street that helps drivers make safer mid-block left turns into business areas from a center lane

Rumble strips

sections of rough pavement intended to alert drivers of approaching roadway construction, tollbooth plaza, or other traffic conditions

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