Chen Pi (Tangerine peel)
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aka Ju Pi
~Dosage: 3-9g
~Temp/Taste: Warm; Aromatic, Bitter, Acrid

+Reg Qi --> MJ Qi stag: epi/ab distension, fullness/bloat, belching, N/V, indigestion

+Dries damp, transforms Phlegm: cough with stifled chest/diaphragm, viscous sputum

+Loss of appetite, fatigue, loose stools with thick, greasy tongue coat

+Prevents Qi stag caused by cloying nature of Tonifying herbs

**Long term use can injure the Yuan Qi; be wary of citrus allergies!
~Dosage: 3-9g
~Temp/Taste: Warm; Bitter, Acrid

+LR Qi stag: distension, chest/breast/hypoch. pain, bulging disorder pain
--"Frees LR and fiercely moves the Qi"

+Dissipates Clumps, reduces Stag: pain, distension, stifled epig.

+Severe food stag; masses d/t Qi stag & Blood stasis

**Better than Chen Pi to move Qi
**Caution in Qi xu pts
~Dosage: 3-9g
~Temp/Taste: Sl. Cold; Acrid, Bitter
"Qi Master"

+Breaks up Qi stag, reduce accum: epi/ab pain, distention, indigestion with focal distension or gas
--"Strongly regulates Qi downward & eliminates food stag and other accums)

+Transforms Phlegm: focal distension, fullness in chest/epig

+Prolapse of ST, Uterus, Rectum when paired with Qi tonic herbs
--Gastrectasis, gastroptosis (ST prolapse conditions)

+Raises BP

+Constipation: Wood overacting Earth; diarrhea with tenesmus d/t Food stag or Heat in LI

C/I: Pregnancy
~Dosage: 3-9g
~Temp/Taste: Warm; Acrid, Bitter

+Frees LR Qi: hypoch. pain, stifled chest d/t LR Qi stag

+Harmonizes ST, strengthens SP: Qi stag causing lack of appetite, pain in epig., fullness/distension, belching, vomit

+Transforms Phlegm, stops cough: subacute/chronic cough with copious Phlegm, unrelenting cough w/ chest pain

+Increases blood perfusion to coronary arteries & reduces cardiac ischemia, lowers BP
~Dosage: 3-9g
~Temp/Taste: Warm; Acrid, Bitter
~Prep: Add @ End

+Moves Qi, stops pain d/t MJ Qi stag: lack of appetite, food sitting in ST, epi/ab pain, N/V

+LR/GB Qi stag: flank pain, distension, soreness, jaundice

+Intestinal Qi stag: diarrhea, dysenteric disorders, abdominal pain, tenesmus

+Strengthen SP, prevents stag

+Reduce side effects caused by Tonifying Herbs
~Dosage: 3-9g
~Temp/Taste: Warm; Acrid

+Treats ALL 3 JIAOS, best for LJ

+Moves/stops pain d/t Cold and Qi stag: stifled chest, flank pain, epig/ab distension, lower ab pain, pain d/t bulging or menses

+Warms KD, Disperses Cold: frequent urination, incontinence, prostatitis d/t KD Yang xu
Chen Xiang (Aloeswood)~Dosage: 1-1.5g ~Temp/Taste: Warm; Acrid, Bitter, Aromatic ~Ch: KD-SP-ST ~Prep: Add @ End +Descends Rebellious Qi, regulates MJ: wheezing, vomiting, belching, hiccup +Stops pain: distension, pain, pressure in epig/ab esp d/t Deficiency Cold or Blood Stasis +Aids KDs in grasping Qi: Asthma, wheezing, difficult breathing d/t KD Qi & Yang xuTan Xiang (White Sandalwood)~Dosage: 2-5g ~Temp/Taste: Warm; Acrid, Aromatic ~Ch: LU-SP-ST +Regulates Qi, adjusts MJ +Disperses Cold and relieves pain d/t Cold invading ST +Unblocks Qi stag in chest: chest/ab pain d/t obstruction of Heart Qi +Treats coronary artery disease, angina, MIXie Bai (Chinese garlic chive)~Dosage: 5-9g ~Temp/Taste: Warm; Acrid, Bitter ~Ch: LU-LI-ST +Unblocks Yang Qi, disperses turbid Phlegm: C-D Bi (aka "Chest Bi") in chest/flank/upper back pain --Dyspnea, cough, wheezing, stifled chest +Descends Qi, reduces LI Damp Stag for dysenteric disorders with tenesmus d/t Qi stagMe Gui Hua (Chinese rosebud)~Dosage: 1.5-6g ~Temp/Taste: Warm; Sweet, Sl. Bitter ~Ch: LR-SP +Gently regulates LR Qi & Invigorates Blood: stifled chest, pain/distension in flank/epig., belching, poor appetite --Harmonize LR-SP-ST d/t Liver overacting on SP and/or ST +Moves Qi, harmonizes Blood, disperses Blood stasis: irregular menses, PMS breast tenderness, menses pain +Resolves Blood stasis d/t TraumaChuan Lian Zi (Sichuan Chinaberry)~Dosage: 4.5-9g ~Temp/Taste: Cold; Bitter, Sl. TOXIC ~Ch: UB-LR-SI-ST +Dredges LR Qi, releases constraint, stops pain, "conducts Heat out from below" --Qi stag causing Heat to attack ST = acid reflux, LR/ST Disharmony pain, belching, pain in chest/ribs, bulging disorders +Stops abdominal pain d/t roundworms, tapeworms +Topical: scalp dermatosisCategory basicsWarm, Acrid, Bitter. Enter SP-LR-LU primarily. Assist Qi to flow and function smoothly & freely, clear Qi stag, prevent Rebellious Qi Promote movement, disperse, or drain downward Chief Function: Promote Qi circulation to allow LR Qi to flow freely, relieve pain, descend Qi to Fu organs, improve digestion A/I: chest, hypochondriac, epigastric, abdominal distension and pain. Belching, acid reflux, hiccups, vomiting, difficulty breathing, constipation d/t Qi stagSP/ST Qi StagnationChen Pi Zhi ShiLR Qi StagXiang Fu Zhi Ke Wu Yao Fo ShouLU Qi stagChen Xiang Tan XiangHOT Stagnant QiChuan Lian Zi Zhi ShiCOLD Stagnant QiChen Xiang Wu YaoStag in chest, upper backXie Bai Zhi ShiStag in Flanks (hypochondrium)Chuan Lian Zi Zhi Ke Qing PiUpper abdominal painXiang Fu Mu XiangPeri-umbilical painWu Yao Mu XiangLower abdominal painChen Xiang Wu Yao Chuan Lian ZiQing Pi vs. Chen PiQing Pi: Harsh, scattering, unblocking properties. Prescribed for breaking up Qi stag. Actions are horizontal, used for pain. Chen Pi: More harmonious Nature, enters the Qi level of SP & LU. Actions are vertical, used for cough, vomit.Abdominal Pain Herb ComparisonMu Xiang: Qi stag in ST/Intestines, primarily for distension and fullness in epi/ab with diarrhea Xiang Fu: Disperses/spreads Stagnant ST & LR Qi, best for problems secondary to emotional constraint, epig/hypoch. distension and pain, menses issues Wu Yao: Warmer - restricted to Cold conditions, treats wider area, used for pain anywhere in the trunk from genitals to chestMu XiangQi stag in chest/ab with diarrheaWu YaoBorborygmusXiang FuScanty menstrual bleeding, sx of irritability & LR Qi stagMei Gui HuaExcess menstrual bleeding, PMSChen Pi + Ju HongExcessive PhlegmChen Pi & Zhi KeStifled chest, belchingDry damp, resolve phlegmChen Pi Fo ShouMenstrual painMei Gui Hua