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  1. What brain structure is responsible for perceptual representation- priming?
  2. What brain structure is responsible for the Buffer(integration of info from visual spatial to phonological loop?
  3. What are the temporal lobes responsible for?
  4. What is the hippocampus responsible for?
  5. What is the parietal lobe responsible for?
  1. a - occipital lobes
    - stimulus dependent primary sensory area
    - MTL
  2. b transfers memories into long-term storage
    files away new memories as they occur
  3. c control of bodily sensation, shape, texture, and position
  4. d frontal lobe
  5. e - allow a person to tell one one sound from another
    - involved in short-term memory

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  1. controls smell, instincts and raw emotions
  2. visual memory
    musical ability
    id visual objects
  3. control our thoughts, emotions and actions;
  4. Left temporal-parietal
    Left supramarginal gyrus
  5. disinhibition

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  1. What is the anterior cingulate gyrus responsible for?directs eye movements.
    visual memory


  2. What is the LEFT side of the parietal lobe responsible for?overlearned motor routines, and linguistic skills such as reading, writing, and naming objects


  3. If there are lesions to the temporal lobes, what is affected?- Disturbance with selective attention to what we see and hear.
    - Difficulty with identification of, and verbalization about objects.
    - Short-term memory loss.
    - Interference with long-term memory


  4. What part of the frontal lobe is associated with personality and social behavior?orbitofrontal


  5. What part of the brain is responsible for emotional reaction to pain?cingulate gyrus